September 25, 2008



1. Link to the person that tagged you
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3. Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
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Kristen tagged me for this one, so I will send you her way if you read something you would rather have not known!!!

1. I have been married 3 times. This last one being the longest, and the other 2 times being annulled. What was I thinking?? I was young, stupid, and in love... OK the second time I was running from mommy and daddy's house, because I still don't know WTF I was thinking there!!! I was actually with Clark for 98% of the almost 2 years my second marriage took to get rid of.

2. I was a guest on the Ricki Lake Show. My mom dared me to call.
Nuff said.

3. I have a dog that I cannot stand. Our personalities clash in a major way, and she irritates the hell out of me all the time. I didn't want her, but Clark rescued her, and he loves her, so I put up with her. Her one saving grace is that the Turtle LOVES her, and vise versa.

4. I will not purchase any kind of toilet paper then Charmin Ultra Soft in the Mega Roll... did you know that stuff is like 15 freaking bucks now??? I may have to start taking the plys apart and putting them on separate rolls!! But really, this is one thing I NEVER compromise on, I have to have a TP that I trust when wiping my bits and pieces, and this one is the best!!!

5. I will let spiders live in my house if they prove they are useful by catching other bugs. Ok, we live in the freaking country/swamp for crying out loud, if you can't kill them all then join them!! Besides they help keep the squitoes down in the summer!!!

6. I sleep with my feet sticking out of the blankets. Clark and I have a king size bed, and separate blankets, he is a freaking heater people, and I have this huge comforter that I curl up in every night, but my feet have to be sticking out the end, with the fan blowing on them....... When I was a wee little girl, my grandmother told me a story about why she slept with her feet out... did you know that there are little villages of people who live under your toenails, and when your feet get hot at night, it means they can't breathe?? Well as you can see I was very affected by the fact that if I slept with my feet under anything I would be responsible for the death of Lord knows how many of those poor little people...... You should have seen the look on the face of the podiatrist who was getting rid of my ingrown toenails when I told him that one!!!

So now I tag.....


Aunt Becky




and last, but oh so not the least....


Have fun ladies, now that you know what a freak I am!! LOL


Kristin said...

Smartass...who me?!?!?! You know you love me Rebel. Thanks for joining in the fun!

Deb said...

is it wrong if i just cut and paste your entire post?? no one will know.

i shall get on this before this month is over (heh).

Fiddle1 said...

My husband says he HATES "john wayne" toilet paper. When you ask him to explain, he says "it don't take shit off no one." Bad grammar and everything. I'm sure he stole that from can't be original. But he would be right there with you on spending top dollar for luxury TP.

Rhonda said...

Too funny!
Hey, were you seriously on the Ricki Lake show???
Do post, do post!

Just Me. said...


You're so cute!

Anonymous said...

::::Hangs head::::
My name is Tesi and I am a toilet paper addict.....
If I don't have at least 18 rolls of sorbent cottonelle in the house I have anxiety attacks but lately I have been using the flushable baby wipes for the bigger issues...
Ther feel a little more normal now???
Rikki Lake tell???

Aunt Becky said...

I'm in. I'll do it. Since I'm a freak of nature, I can do this one over and over and over and over again.

Rachel Inbar said...

I sleep with my feet out too, even if it's freezing in the house.