September 15, 2008

Follies, Follies Everywhere

So, these were my ovaries this AM....... SWEET huh??? Yeah that is both of them. They were kissing. Regardless of all the competition between them, they really do love each other!! :o)

That picture doesn't even show the real magnatude of how many follies there really are, 20+ on each side they figured, that was just the best picture of the bunch that I had to show ya!!!

Can you even imagine?? I have a hard time believing it myself!!

Thank Heavens they will drain every one of those little buggers in the morning!!!

I am so freaking sore and bloated I cannot wait to have ER tomorrow.

Turtle must know something is up because she find that lower part of my abdomen a lot easier then she used to!! Turkey!!

Well, I am gonna run, I need to make sure everything is ready for dinner as we will be going to bed VERY early tonight..... we have to drop the Turtle off at the sitters at 5 AM.... what an unGodly freaking hour!!!

I need to tend to some Landscaping tonight before everyone and their brother see's my girlie bits to!!!

Good Luck with your Transfer tomorrow Mandy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I'll be praying for you. Give Turtle hugs and kisses from her auntie Tina. Oh, and Anna says hello to Kent(I think that is right, the younger one LOL)

Love ya

momofonefornow said...

When I opened this post I said, "holy crap what is that?' I couldn't even believe that was your ovaries. You are an Ova-achiever!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Good Luck! What else can I say?

Nice Ovaries! no, that does not sound right.

Good Luck!

Tracey said...

WOW!!! I will be praying extra hard...with all those's maybe quads...but I know ....please God just one!!

Rhonda said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!!

Kristin said...

HOLY MOLEY! That is a ton of follicles.

Lost in Space said...

My broken old ovaries are holding their last couple of shriveled up follicles in shame. LOL. Seriously, that is some awesome response!! I can't wait to hear how everything goes tomorrow!! Sending you lots of good thoughts!

I must be tired because at first I was like, "Why would she need to do landscaping now?" thinking you were actually planting some flowers or something. LOL. Going to bed soon.

Just Me. said...


Samantha said...

I know what you mean about wanting to get those follies outta there!

Good luck!

Deb said...

of course i am always late to the party, but i hope things go well today for you. keep us posted.

Dora said...

Hope today went great! Waiting for a report.