September 21, 2008

It probably was funny.....

I learned Wednesday that there are two drugs that should never be combined in my body. They would be Demor*l, and Phenerg*n.

The nightmare I referred to in my previous post started on Tuesday afternoon. My ER went well, very well in fact. I woke up quickly, and was told we got 26 eggs. I stayed until I could walk, and then Clark and I headed home. About an hour in to our drive I got several very painful cramps, that made me pause. The pain seemed to get worse and spread, so I thought that the pain meds were just wearing off. When we got home I took some of the T-3 that the RE had given me, and tried to rest. No dice. The afternoon wore on, and I was in increasing pain.

I tried to lay down that night for bed only to find that I would get this terrible pain in each of my shoulders when I tried to lay on them. I ended up sleeping on the couch, and exhausted my supply of pain meds with no relief by 8 AM Wednesday. I called the clinic, and was told to come back in, they suspected that I had some blood in my pelvic cavity.

Just as we were getting ready to leave IVFNurse called with our Fert. report. I was stunned.

26 Retrieved

11 mature

5 fertilized and were perfect

6 fertilized and were going very slow

I told her that we were in fact on our way back up there because I was not doing well.

We got to the clinic, and I saw Dr. OvaryWhisperer. I accused the nurse and the other docs of dropping me, and they chuckled, so did I, I knew they hadn't really dropped me, but it hurt like they had. She explained that she was going to do an U/S to see if what she thought was going on was. U/S showed bloody fluid behind my Ute, confirming what she deemed the issue. I had had so many follies punctured that some blood had escaped and irritated my peritoneal cavity causing all the pain I was in. There was no immediate health risk, and they would only go ahead with transfer if I felt better. She said that they were going to give me some different pain meds so that I could get some relief. I got the script, Demor*l, and another for Phenerg*n, just in case I got to sick to my tummy from the Demor*l.

Dr. OvaryWhisperer also told me that the lab had matured and ICSI'd 3 more eggs that morning.

We went home, and I began my decent into hell. I took the first dose of Demor*l as told, and it did in fact make me pretty nauseous almost instantly, so I went ahead and took one of the Phenerg*n... Ha, that is all I frankly remember. Honestly.

I have flashes from that day, and frankly nothing makes a lot of sense. Clark was very upset thinking I had taken more then I should have of the meds, but upon counting them found that I had take just the regular dose.

Clark ended up leaving me and the Turtle in the care of Turtle's sitter the next day so that he could go to work. I can tell you I only remember bits and pieces of that day to as I slept most of the time. By that evening I was feeling a lot better, and coherent though, so I told Clark that I did want to go on with the transfer in the AM, because I was worried that if we didn't do it then there would be nothing to transfer...

I was so right...

Our transfer was Friday, and as you saw from my last post, things on that morning were OK until Dr. OvaryWhisperer came in. I had been adamant about transferring 3, and wasn't sure what we even had to work with at this stage. We had:

1- 7 cell grade 1 (really good)
2-5 cell grade 2 (so so )
1-2 cell grade 4 (not good)
2-5 cell grade 2's that had been ICSI'd on Wednesday
1-2 cell grade 2 that had been ICSI'd on Wednesday

Not really impressive to say the least. I asked her about transferring the top 3 and she said she really felt that 2 was all she wanted to do, so I caved, and we decided on the one 7cell, one of the 5cells, discard the 2cellgrade4 and freeze the rest that day. I went into transfer feeling defeated all the way around... from the issues with stimming to the pain med problem, and now with the quality of the embies I was putting back, and freezing.

I was not in a good place.

Until I saw those two perfect little 8 cell embies on that screen.

Yeah one of the 5 cell babies had gone all divisional on us in the few hours since it had last been looked at, and the seven had upped itself one to.

So, I got a little of my Hope back... just a little.

Transfer went smoothly, after an hour, and a sit a top the bedpan..... which I can tell you was to funny for words (do you know hard it is to pee in a pan when there are 10 other people in the freaking room, and they ALL know you are on the bedpan???? Next to impossible I tell ya!!!) I was on my way home, and that is where I have been for the last 48 hours perched on my couch.

I am bloated, and I am still in pain, but you couldn't pay me to take another of those Demon pills... I seriously cannot wrap my head around why someone could get addicted to those things... I like to think and remember my days, not have other people tell me about the dumb shit I did.

So now we wait. October 2nd is the day for Beta, but I will know if I can punch Hope in the face long before then.

I have a post all worked up about how Clark is a legend in his own time at the clinic to... what a mess I tell ya!!!


Kristin said...

Demerol can be nasty. It makes the women in my family I avoid it on principal. Glad you are doing a bit better.

Deb said...

Glad things are going better for you - hate that you were in such pain. Still keeping everything crossed for you. C'mon cream and wheat - you can do it!!!

Aunt Becky said...

Demerol makes me weep hysterically. Like completely inconsolably. Glad you're feeling better, dude.

Oct 2 is also the day I'm waiting for. It's my big US Take 2.

Tracey said...

Demerol is nasty! I will pray for you all to do well. Best Wishes!!!!

Rhonda said...

Okay, so 8's are good, right? Fantastic, right?

Get some rest and good luck!!

Kris said...

Could it be the phenegren? I'm allergic to it, and it makes me all screwed up. They gave me a shot of demerol and phenegren together when I had my third miscarriage, and it made my whole body seize into terrible muscle spasms, and then I passed out.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Samantha said...

Whoa - that's a nasty bit of time between retrieval and transfer - no fun at all!

I have my fingers crossed for these two embies!

Susan said...

Sending good thoughts to Cream and Wheat and I'm so sorry the meds gave you such a hard time. Can I have the leftovers please??

Erin said...

Gah, it sounds lousy! I'm so glad Cream and Wheat did so well and am hoping for many more good updates on them!

Lost in Space said...

Ugghh. That does not sound like fun, Rebel. I'm glad you are doing better now. I have my own extra strength vicodin/wisdom teeth/ER story. Nasty drugs all around.

I love that one of your embies went from 5 cells to 8 just before transfer. (: All my best.

Rachel Inbar said...

I transferred 1-B, 2-C's & a D and ended up with twins (they're 12 now), so you never know. My lab told me C & below had no chance...

Anonymous said...

did I ever tell you tht the Ice Princess was one of 2 8 cell embies....transfered at 3 days at around the same time of year......I have a good feeling about this

Just Me. said...

Ok, I'm putting down October 2nd in my calendar.

Hope you'll feel better soon.


Dora said...

Congrats on your transfer and getting through the demerol nightmare. Most drs don't prescribe it anymore because so many people have bad reactions. For me, it makes me throw up violently and doesn't touch any pain.

Hang in there, girl!

DD said...

There's something cosmically wrong when pain meds make you sick. I want to feel like a fluffy cloud when I take even a tylenol.

Best of luck over the next week and a half.

Kristin said...

I tagged you on my blog! Come see what you get to do...LOL!