December 23, 2007

Flying by..

December and me!!!! I cannot believe that it is only 2 more days to Christmas!!! Ugh, but hey that is why I have been so absent... things have ramped up here with Kent out of school on break, and us trying to run all over to get a ton of appointments taken care of so that he doesn't miss much school!! We had to go, go, go 3 days this past week, and then I thought I was off the hook for Thursday when it dawned on my preggo brain that Clark, the government employee didn't have to work on Monday, so if I wanted to make the brownie drop off this year then I HAD to crawl up out of my nice warm, cozy, couch, and bake the hell out of about 10 dozen brownie bites, so they were ready to take to Clark's job on Friday morning... GAH!!!! So I spent the rest of the day slaving over a hot oven, and stealing brownie bites!!! Turtle HATES the mixer by the way... it was to funny, every time I had to run it she would get downright violent with me!!!

Friday we went to drop the "Gifts" off, and then stayed and had lunch with all of the people from Clark's office, it was really nice, but after the busy week I had, had I was ready to come home and take a NAP!!! :o)

Yesterday, I thought that I would give the guys some time alone to wrap gifts, so off I went to drop off a flat tire from one of the cars, buy a new door knob set at Lowe$, and then drop off a few gifts and cards that I had left. After all that, and a great sub for dinner, I fell into the couch and went right to sleep at about 8 PM... well, next thing I know, I have this sharp pain, well down there, and get up thinking that I really needed to just pee!!! Oh did I ever!! After I went, I crawled in bed, and just laid there.... little Miss Turtle was rolling all over and making it impossible to sleep.... I suppose it was after about 30 minutes that I realized I was having contractions right after she would roll over. Well, Clark comes to bed about 11 or so, and saw that I was awake, asked why, and I told him. At that point I was looking at the contractions being about 10 minutes apart..... well do you think for one minute that they stayed that far apart??? Nope, they got closer and closer until for 40 minutes they were 4 minutes apart... so I tossed my bag together, was just thinking about calling the OB, and getting Clark up when boom, they go back to 10 minutes, and then further apart...... So I gave it about an hour and crawled my tired ass back into bed about 3:30... so this little girl has started with yanking my chain all over again, and honestly it isn't cute anymore!!!! UGH!! Neither of us want her to come yet, but playing with me like this isn't making her mommy a very happy camper right now!!!

So all day today I have been having contractions off and on, but nothing regular or consistent..... I have my next OB appointment on the 27th, and I am not sure if he will do an internal exam, but I am almost thinking I need to ask for one to see what is going on in there... I know I have to be dilated or something, because that was how I KNEW that the contractions that I had last night weren't of the Braxton Hicks variety... they hurt in my cervix!!! That is so not a pleasant feeling either let me tell you!!! LOL

After this next OB appointment, we start going every week, and if I make it to 38 weeks, they will do another U/S to check on her size and position... I so already know that she is head down, but I wouldn't put it past this little girl to flip into a breach position on me just for shits and giggles!!!

I hope that everyone out there has a great holiday, which ever one you celebrate, may it be a Happy one!!! Hugs from the Infertile house!!!

December 5, 2007

Big Update....

So, I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to hear the results from Kent's scan... Today was his follow-up and everything looks just fine, no tumor growth, and no new tumors. They did have concerns about his Blood Pressure though, just as the pediatrician did, so they are recommending that we see a Nepherologist (Kidney Doc). He also had a terrible urine sample so they wanted a new one, I am sure it will be just as bad as the last one, and they will need to put him back on antibiotics again. Of course all of that could have been avoided if he would just follow the right way of disinfecting all of his supplies like I taught him to... but alas, he is 16, and we all know that you cannot tell a 16 year old anything!!! UGH!!! For the most part they are happy with his progress, so we don't have to go back for a year, unless something comes up.

As for little Miss Turtle, I had an OB appointment last week, and my BP was a little up, we talked about the fainting, normal for this far she says, just be careful. Weight was down, so I told her that I have been really concerned about my lack of girth... (funny for a pregnant woman I know) but my waist has been at 39 inches for almost 2 months now, and then with the loss of weight, I am just worried about Turtle's size. I also let her know about what looked to me like a lack of fluid when we had our 3-D so she told me that she was more then happy to send me for a little U/S to check on our girl.....

Well, that U/S was this morning before our appointment with Kent, and the Turtle looks to be doing just fine. I am 33 weeks 3 days, and she weighs about 4 pounds 12 ounces, and measuring right on schedule. Just the right amount of fluid. She is also still head down, "engaged nicely" according to the tech. I kinda knew she had slid further into my pelvis, because I have been getting spasms in my urethra (TMI I know) from the pressure. Clark is freaking out saying he will get a "Chip Clip" and put it down THERE to keep her in a little longer!! LOL !! He is such a mess. They won't do anything to stop labor after 34 weeks anyway, so he may be fighting a loosing battle!! I told him she will come out when she is ready, and there is nothing that we can do about it, but you know how men are, they HAVE to TRY to control everything!! I do honestly hope that she stays put until after Christmas though, because one of the gifts that we have for the grandmothers has to do with birthstones, so having already bought the one for January, I would have to exchange them all!! LOL!! Besides, I am so not ready for her yet emotionally... I never thought I would say that, but every since I got the 3-D I want her here so that I can see that little face in person, but Iam also scared out of my mind that I am so gonna freak the hell out once she is here, and we all know once they are here there is no going back!!! Good grief, I am just a mess about this whole thing!! On one hand I am so ready for this, but on the other I sit here some days and ask myself what in the hell I was thinking!!! I mean come on, I have a 16 year old who mostly takes care of himself, I can sleep in, come and go as I please w/o having to worry about spending an hour getting a baby ready..... yada, yada, yada.... So what in the HELL am I thinking??? I still haven't figured that one out... I will let you know when I do!!!!!!!!!