September 13, 2008

Firmly Holding the Baton

So, there I was running what should have been the last leg of the race, and the baton got fumbled.....

I managed to pull it out, and I can see the finish line from here. (Damn I am to freaking funny, I saw that when I was proofing, and had to leave it in!! LOL)

My E2 levels keep rising very fast, but not as fast as they would if I was going to be in big trouble.

The Wanding showed follies EVERYWHERE!!!! I had a few 20's, and 19's which is really good. A lot of them were 17mm and above, which is almost there. Dr. B (who I shall now refer to as Dr. OvaryWhisperer) is wanting to hold off on retrieval until Tuesday. She lowered my dose again this afternoon, to 25 units. They want me to come in for blood work in the AM tomorrow, and then Monday morning to. So counting the retrieval Tuesday, that will make for 6 days in a row that I will have to go to clinic... GAH!!! I love these people, but I am not really fond of having to get up so damn early and face that freaking traffic everyday...... I have to keep thinking "End of the Rainbow"

Dr. OvaryWhisperer took a ton of photo's of my ovaries this morning to show Dr. KnockedMeUpLastTime because he told her there was NO WAY that she could lower my dose that much and still get good follie growth!! I told you all I loved her!!! She is really in tune with what her patients needs are, and I couldn't ask for a better doctor to have in my corner.

I think I now have Turtle's cold, and I am not happy about it. On top of all of the abdominal discomfort, now I can hardly breathe, and I can't take anything for it at all. Damn.

I am feeling a little better mentally since I know there is an end in sight. I am still not sure if we will have a transfer, but getting the eggs out is the first step to that.

Clark and I were joking last night and he told me to tell Dr. OvaryWhisperer that he knows how to cure male infertility.......

Wait for it.....

They need to invent a testicle cooling unit.... to keep the boys cool and moving.

He said to me that I am always saying that I have never met an infertile crackhead, and he has never met and infertile RedNeck......

His reasoning is that it is because most of them sit around with cold bottle of beer between their legs all day long.

I swear I don't know how he comes up with this crap.... but he does kinda have a point!!!

Well, that is all for this afternoon, I am beat, sick, and still freaking tired after the nap Clark let me take!! I will get to my Tag tomorrow, and let you know how the blood work goes.


Tracey said...

Your right about never seeing an infertile redneck! I love it!

Kristin said...

OMG...Clark is too funny. I Love his idea of how to solve male infertility.

And, YAY for Dr. OvaryWhisperer.

Mandy and Russel said...

GOOD LUCK with your ER!! I love reading your blog! It's great! :)

Lost in Space said...

You are getting so close!!! I hope all goes great today so you can trigger.

LOL about the beer between the legs. Too cute. (: