January 30, 2009


I am just dropping in for a few minutes to tell you that the giveaway and guessing will have to be held over.

Turtle is very sick.

We went to the docs yesterday, they changed up her meds and sent us home.

We were up all night going back and forth with a fever of 104.

We have to take her back to the Pediatrician this afternoon because she has since developed a terrible rash.

Please say a little prayer for my girl as I know that she is just about as over being sick, as I am watching her be sick.

She is totally passed out on the couch right now.

Not like her at all.

I have NEVER felt so helpless in my whole life.

January 28, 2009


Turtle is sick. I mean she never got better and has gotten worse since Monday. Tonight she spiked a fever, and I broke out the tylenol. We have her One Year appointment in the morning so I am trying to not freak out to much. As I sit here listening through the monitor the poor girl is trying so hard to sleep... coughing keeps waking her up. Poor baby.

I got a letter this Monday stating I owe taxes for something that was SUPPOSED to be tax-exempt. Gotta love the way Social Services lies to you. It is to the tune of about 16 grand. Made my freaking day. What a crock of shit... many letters are about to fly from my hot little fingers over this.

Kent is failing 2 classes, and not a single teacher called to tell me. I guess they have decided that high school puts the parents out of the loop. What a Joke!! This is supposed to be an Honors School. May be going back to the mainstream High School next fall if this keeps up.

My ass cheeks are killing me from the PIO shots. I lost 10 pounds this week, but my girth has managed to increase daily?? Wonder what that is all about. Not sure if any of the Stooges hung out yet, but I keep carrying that hope in my heart.

On a good note, the banner that I have to the side about Little Miss Hailey?? Well, I just got news last night that the surrogate is currently getting positive HPT's and will be having her Beta in the morning. I could not be happier, and it needed to happen now. If any of my readers helped them out, I want you to know that I will forever remain grateful for whatever you did. I can not imagine that little girl losing her battle after all it took to get her here!!

I totally scored the whole collection of Fraggle Rock on DVD today... I am gonna have a BLAST watching those with Turtle when they come!! I LOVE FRAGGLE ROCK!!!

I guess that I will give you all until the afternoon to comment on Turtle's stats... here are the other visits stats:

6 lbs 15 ozs
19 1/2 inches long

2 Months:
10.6 lbs
22 1/2 inches long

4 Months:
14.2 lbs
25 1/4 inches long

6 Months:
16.5 lbs
27 1/2 inches long

9 months:
19 lbs
29 inches long

I will tell you that mommy is short, 5'4", and daddy is 6' even. So if you want to play, make your guesses, there is something in it for you I promise!!

January 26, 2009

Baby it's cold IN here....

The heat pump took a shit this weekend... OK it was really like 2 weeks ago, but we have been nursing it along trying to get to warmer weather... Ha, it is supposed to snow tomorrow!

So Clark uncorked his ass, and we are getting a brand spanking new Trane heat pump put in. It will be so nice when they are done, and we can turn it on, cuz right now it is about 55 degrees in this house, and I left my toes in the living room 20 minutes ago!!

I am contemplating ways to hunt down the man... because it had to be a man who came up with PIO. Sadistic pig. This stuff is pure evil I tell ya. I mean you have to inflict physical harm to inject it, and then it screws with your body, tricking it in into thinking "Oh we must be pregnant, this is what pregnant feels like." Yeah no freaking kidding. Never mind that I am only 3 days post transfer and there is no way that I could have any HCG in my system. Hell Larry, Moe and Curly were just late last night or early today, blasts capable of hatching (hence that being my excuse for massive sushi consumption Friday night!!).

So the PIO has to be the reason I have turned into a full on Bitch... oh no wait I am like that all the time, but my inner Bitch has let her filter go, and that does not bode well for the penis bearing members of the species. My physical body is convinced that it is pregnant, the brain however knows better, and the conflict this is causing is shear madness.... the other reason I feel that a man had to have invented the crap, they love to see us all in a tizzy.

So Clark has been great about the shots, and is actually quite good at them. He is in and out in like 2 minutes..... :o)

Turtle has bean a royal bear all weekend, due to the cold and ear infection, so while she is the cutest little thing on the planet, my nerves have been shot with all the crying. Her fever finally broke Saturday, but she still carried her foul mood over. She has her one year Well Baby Visit this coming Thursday, yeah I know late, but they wanted to do it the 20th, and well I was having a huge needle shoved up my girlie bits early on the 20th, not to sure I could have concentrated!!

So I am thinking about having a contest to see who can guess her stats, if this sounds like something you would like to jump in on, let me know so that I can decide tonight where I want to go with this. Love and hugs from the Infertile House!!!

January 23, 2009

Larry, Moe, and Curly

3 on Board.

PUPO- Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise.

Larry, Moe, and Curly.

There were still 5 this morning, so we picked the top 3.

1-7 cell stage 5

1-6 cell stage 5

1-4 cell stage 3

So not amazing, but good just the same. None to freeze as the other 2 just weren't really doing much of anything.

We discussed the fertilization issue, and I will go into it further later, but she said... "Uh yeah you are getting old."

I love Dr. OvaryWhisperer she just has a way with words... as she was saying it so was I.

So please say a little prayer that at least one of these little ones decides to hang out for say forever.....

Off to bed!!

January 22, 2009

Transfer in the morning....

Or so I am going to assume.

When I called today I was told that all 5 embies were still going.

Not sure if I can believe that.

We have to be there at 7 AM.

Clark and I have discussed and agree that we are going to ask for 3 to transfer this time.

I am sure we won't have any to freeze.

I need this to work.

I am honestly not sure if I can go through this again. All the shots and drugs, the hormonal mood swings. Not to mention the huge toll it takes on my heart when it doesn't work.

Infertility really Effin sucks!!

January 21, 2009

Just by the Numbers Please

18 Eggs
13 Mature
5 Fertilized Normally

I don't like those numbers. Something tells me that 5 doesn't bode well for transfer Friday.

Retrieval was ruff, my left ovary didn't want to give up the goods, so they had to manhandle it. I got sent home with the extra good drugs. :o) Oh yeah and 2 very sweet looking Sharpie bullseyes, one on each cheek!!

Turtle was sicker last night so this morning we got up very early to take her to the Peds. Cold trying to turn sinus infection, and ear infection. Poor baby has been just miserable.

So needless to say I am sorry it took me so long to get here to update you, but it has been a long 36 hours. I am really concentrating on getting the Turtle to feel better, and keep what little bit I have been able to eat down. Damn drugs.

Thanks to you all for checking up on me, it really means a lo to me!! So, here is to keeping Hope in my pocket until Friday.

Oh yeah.... Turtle walked yesterday... Heaven help the dogs now!!!

January 20, 2009

D Day or R Day take your pick..

4 AM.

No I am not sleeping.

My ovaries have decided they hate me, and kept me up half the night.

That's ok, in a few hours Dr. OvaryWhisperer will rid them of their bounty, and they can get over themselves!!

My appointment yesterday went well, and in just about an hour I will be leaving my nice warm house to brave the terrible weather that will be today. Hopefully we will beat the idiots out on the road, and make it to the Clinic safe and sound.

Hope is still sitting here with me as I am dying of thirst... you know that whole nothing to eat or drink after midnight... geez does it suck... and the coffee pot just got done for Clark... oh my mouth is just watering... damn him!!

Oh yeah back to Hope. She is here. Not sure I should have let her in, but I have a good feeling about this one. Things have just been falling into place left and right this cycle, and where as I thought just 2 1/2 weeks ago that I was going to have to cancel this cycle. Here I sit. Things working out... that is a big deal for me because they usually don't.

So I will post later and let you know how golden the Ovaries were to us today, and I am sure it won't make much sense because I will be in a drug induced haze, but I will be here just the same.

Thanks for all of your encouragement.... It means more to me then you will ever know!!!

January 18, 2009

If I was a Bettin' Woman......

One Egg.
Two Yolks.
Cracked it for breakfast this morning.....

Happy Birthday Turtle!!!

I avoided a melt down... mostly.

Poor Turtle has a terrible cold, so she really wasn't in the mood for company yesterday... However, put a cake in front of her and......

She, Us, the guests, and the Dogs (who cleaned up the mess nicely BTW) had a great time!!!

It wasn't as hard for me as I thought it would be. I was excited more then anything. We got to see friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and for the most part Turtle really enjoyed the day.

I did have a little freak out in the AM as it took me forever to get out of the Clinic. I had my pre-surgical teaching, and there were 3 "IVF Newbies" in front of me, so their teaching took longer then I had planned for. Me... in and out in 5 minutes!! I could teach this part of the plan to!!!! So Egg Retrieval is Tuesday Internets!!! This has been a very long cycle so far, but I just keep focusing on what I will have in the end if it all works out!!!

Hugs and Kisses from the Infertile House!!!

January 11, 2009

Five more days 'til Massive Meltdown

That would be me.

Five more days and my tiny little Turtle will be One Year Old.

I am still trying the denial route.

It really hasn't been working.

She becomes a little person more and more every day.

She is going to start really walking before I know it.

She beat a boy up at daycare on Thursday... ahhh already so much like her mother!! :o)

I fall more in love with her every day.

Where did the last 359 days go???

January 8, 2009

And you didn't breast feed??

I seem to have stumped Dr. KnockedMeUpLastTime with a question while in for my suppression check today.

Lining looked good.

Ovaries were in attendance, and quiet. Go Lupr*n!!

B/P was high but OK.

So for fun, I just had to ask about the fact that I have leaked breast milk for almost the last year, and I didn't breast feed. Apparently that is NOT a good thing. Who knew??

Off I went to the lab for my second poke of the day. Prolactin level and TSH panel.

Injections class... I could teach it by now. No really I could.

Business office to pay for the last failure, I mean cycle, and out the door.

All in under an hour and 15 minutes. That my dear friends is a flipping record, or a sign of the shitty economy, however you want to look at it. Normally the Thursday monitoring day is a train wreck because there are just so many people there. This is the first day of the new cycle series though, so there were no over lapping appointments, we were all starting new cycles.

It still never ceases to amaze me at how deathly quiet that waiting room is though. It is as if Infertility is contagious, and if you even acknowledge you're be there because of IF, you will catch the DX of everyone else in the room. It saddens me because we are each others best form of support. We are there, and know what the others are going through to some extent. Yet most sit there and act like the other couples are lepers. I am glad I had the second appointment so that I didn't have to watch the sweating start.

No word on my blood work this evening though, and I am to start the F*llistim @ 200 units. I need to make some phone calls in the AM though as WeSuck sent me a letter saying that they are not approving my new cycle before they know what went wrong with the last one.

Do you think I should send them the picture of the negative test??