September 14, 2008

200th post and my Tag

First of all, I had no clue until I signed in this AM that this was my 200th post..... geez, I really have a lot of crap to say huh??!!

First things first: The Clinic Trip

It was supposed to be simple... Ha.

I got there, no clinic today, but they were doing ER's and transfers, so they were busy. I waited for just a few minutes, got my blood drawn and said "See Ya". Went to empty the old bladder before that long ass drive home, walk out of the bathroom, and there stands one of the docs. 'Bout scared the living hell out of me since I should have been the ONLY person down there!!! He asks me if I am ready... I honestly thought he was going to open the door for me to let me out....

Nope.... I got the honor of having yet another Wanding...

you know I totally didn't shower this morning right?? @@

You knew that was coming right??

Yeah I didn't, or I woulda washed my ass. :o)

So, my ovaries were on an episode of Trading Space$ and forgot to tell me. It seems the left one is now on the right side, and the right on the left... don't ask, I didn't.

Follies as large as 25mm on down, and to many to count on each one, so I AM an Ova-Achiever... Dr. OvaryWhisperer said I should put that on a t-shirt and wear it.... I just might have to do that!!!

They called about noon with my E2, it had to be under 8,000.... it was 5,025, so we are a go for ER and transfer. I have to trigger tonight at 9 PM, go to clinic tomorrow at 8 AM, and then be back at clinic at 6:30 on Tuesday for ER.

There is an end in sight my friends!!!! Good thing to, because I was considering causing some very serious bodily damage to Clark and his smart ass mouth today!!!

Second: since this is my 200th post, I decided to do the Tag that Tracey sent me to kinda put it out there...
I am not gonna tag anyone else, but if you want to do it then you can.

Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.

1. Blogging has given me an outlet for my frustrations about IF mostly, but life in general. I can come here, and make things funny when they might not have seemed it at the time.

2. I don't have very many infertiles in my real life to commiserate with, so this makes up for it. I have only met one fellow blogger at this point, but would love to meet more.

3. I love to write, and this is one of the ways that I can do it and get feedback... ok, comments, but still.

4. My blog has opened up the world of IF to me. I have so many blogs that I read and I feel as though I know all of these people. On that same note, I have people who read me that I feel as though I can call "Friends", and we all know and infertile can use all the friends she can get her grubby little paws on!!

5. It has given me a chance to be me without the worry of being judged for how I feel... not that I care if people don't agree with me, but well you know how life is, and how the people around you can be about dumb stuff, so start tossing the hard crap at them and watch them get all shitty!!! I like to just put it all out there without having to worry about being ME, you know the person I really am deep down!!!

6. Ok, it was only supposed to be 5, but I wanted to add this one... I get to have a COOL name!!! I have always been a little bit of a Rebel, so I just went with it when I started this blog. LOL!!! I love being a Rebel!!!

I really don't have any negatives. Sure I get shitty comments every so often, but not to many at all, and since the good far outweighs the bad, I will be keeping on keepin' on!!!

Let you all know how things go in the morning.


Tracey said...

Best of luck...I'm praying for triplets!!!

Samantha said...

those are all great positives for blogging - I agree with them! Good luck with the upcoming retrieval!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your 200th post! does sound like you are an Ova-achiever...LOL...I love that term.

The Mary Kay Lady said...

yay for a great appt? blood draw? lol.. ALMOST there

Deb said...

one step closer... i will look for your post tomorrow when i can get to the computer (cause you know i can't go to long without my internets!!)

sending you warm and fuzzies

Aunt Becky said...

Excited! SO excited!

Just Me. said...

Happy 200th post! You are one cool Rebel mama.

Will be checking on you again.