August 29, 2008

I Tossed my Birth Control!!!!

Made ya look!!!

Ha, I slay me!!!

But hey seriously if any of you have daughters, or mothers... ok the neighborhood CrackHead could probably really use them I am sure.... I have a 3/4 used pack of birth control pills.... only 5 active pills, and the rest are the sugar ones... hmm maybe I could use those in my coffee!!

So, I forgot to tell you that we have entered the second phase of the whole IVF cycle... This is where you get to toss out the birth control pills, and just stab your self in the gut with a needle in the mornings. I think I am going to miss my minty fresh breath!!

For the next week, until the 4th, the only thing I have to do is the Lupr*n injection in the morning. At least the needle doesn't mock me like the pills did... I think I actually heard them laughing at me one morning... oh wait that was the coffee fairy when I forgot to set the auto start. That pissed me off to.

My migraine has been reigned in a little with about a half a bottle of Adv*l, and some sweet sleep!!!

The blood letting went pretty well today, although it did take longer then I thought it was going to. Some people, with not just one but two toddlers in tow were in the RE's clinic chatting it up, while I was dropping off my contracts, had parked in the middle of the driveway totally blocking us in. I am sorry, but pay for parking. Furthermore, I ALWAYS take the girl to see the doc's in the late afternoon on Friday's when I know the patients who are cycling are gone for the day... heck most of the people who visit there are gone by that time of the day... I'm just sayin.....

I got my first disapproving Grandma look today!!! We were sitting in Clark's office eating some chicken after we got back from the Lab, and Turtle wouldn't drink her bottle. I sat her up, and started tearing into my chicken She was staring at us something terrible, and drooling all over, so I figured what the hell..... The girl LOVES fried chicken... go figure!! One of the ladies who works there, who has a daughter who also goes to my clinic, comes in and sees me feeding her the small pieces of chicken, and liked to have had a stroke!! I realize that most people don't see a 7 month old eating chicken, but I have checked with the Ped. and she told us that if she wants to eat real food then feed it to her. So, I do. This child would just as soon starve as eat a jar of baby food, so I have no options sometimes!! I tried to explain that to her, but she wasn't biting!! LOL Oh well, she lived through the experience, and I think she will be better off for it in the end. Here are some of the things that Turtle has eaten to date:

1. Cantaloupe... Loves it
2. Pickles... Don't ask, she loves them to!!
3. Mom's mashed potatoes.
4. Baked french fries
5. Pizza crust.... I think this feels good on her gums.
6. Graham cracker sticks.
7. Roast.... it was TINY pieces I swear!!
8. Broccoli... the whole stem

There is more, but those seem to be her favorites... not to mention this girl LOVES Iced tea.... I know we live in the south, but we don't make our tea like most people here. First off it is decaf, and second we only had a cup of sugar to the whole gallon... just enough to give it a little sweetness. When she gets tea we put it in a sippy cup and add a bunch of ice to it so that it dilutes even more, but she goes crazy over it!!! She hates apple juice, but loves apple slices... I tell you this child is a mess already!! I can just see the therapy bills now!!

Well, Turtle is finally in bed, I have downed the 18 pills I have to take every freaking night, and I am beat!!! The sun did feel good today, and I really think it brightened my mood... at least the part when Clark wasn't in the backseat while I was driving... Jackass... So, I am heading to bed, and will hope that you all have a great weekend!!!


Rhonda said...

I HATE it when people judge your parenting!! I fed my first one scrambled eggs at six months (without checking with ANYONE first) and she loved them. I wasn't a "read the manual" sort of parent, and at 20 what the heck did I know??? lol Apparently they aren't supposed to have peanut butter for the first year either. Oops.

Good luck with your injections. Phase 2!! Woohoo! Look at you making "tracks"!!!

Such bad humor, I know.

My apologies. lol

Dora said...

Ha! I have 5 active bcp left, too. Shots are much more fun. :-/ I'll bet the bcp and the lupron aren't helping you deal with life with a teenager!

Glad your migraine is better. I also get them, but now that I've started stims, advil (ibuprofen) is forbidden. My RE said that since tylenol does absolutely nothing for me, I gotta go straight for the big guns. Our lovely friends, the opiates. Sounds counterintuitive, but opiates are safer for pregnancy that ibuprofen.

Grandmotherly judgment, yuck! I'm sure I'll get extra as a single mom.

Lost in Space said...

So sorry for the horrible headaches. Not fun at all. I'm glad you are moving forward and are done with the old BCPs. Is it bad that I have ~10 pills left from IVF#1 that I saved just in case I might need them again for another cycle? Cheap or thrifty? LOL.

Screw the Grandma and her disapproving looks. She already raised her own kids. This one is all yours. (:

Kristin said...

Don't worry about the judgmental biotches. Joey (my 7 yr old) decided he would eat nothing but REAL table food at 7 months old. The bad part is he didn't get any teeth until 10 months old. That made feeding him really fun (NOT)! Everything had to be really soft or really small.

Deb said...

I would be exhausted just taking the 18 freakin pills every night! Was that an exaggeration or REALLY 18 pills??!! Cause OH-MY-GAH!

I don;t thing there is anything wrong with giving her whatever food she can eat (by CAN, I mean ability like can she chew, ya know?) If she enjoys it, that's all that matters.

Aunt Becky said...

Oh how I love the Disapproving Lookers. It's miraculously been awhile, but oh do they normally throw 'em my way.