August 14, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

OK, here goes the whole ball of wax.....

Clark and I rescued a dog who was pregnant from the SPCA in 2006.

This person, I shall call TheStalker, came and adopted one of that dogs puppies from us. We have a very stringent puppy contract for our rescue dogs, which includes the return of said dog to us should the adopting party not be able to care for the dog any longer. No questions asked.

TheStalker and I seemed to have a lot on common, and actually became friends of a sort. Emails, and phone calls mostly.

There came a time when TheStalker was having issues with her apartment complex, and had to move. The only place they could find wouldn't allow pets. The puppy that she had adopted had grown into a neurotic train wreck, and we really didn't want her back.

TheStalker's husband is active duty in the Navy, so we took sympathy on them and helped them locate a house here in NC that allowed her to have the dog.

TheStalker was broke at the time from some personal issues(lies I found out later) so Clark and I agreed to loan them the deposit money for the house to them(with a signed promissory note).

She moved in the house in April of 2007.

Less then two months after she moved in, one of her neighbors (close friend of mine) called me to tell me that she had a UH*ul backed up to the house and was loading it up.

Clark went over to see what was going on. She told him the owners had sold the house, and asked her to move. The dog was nowhere to be seen. She told us that we would still be getting our money though, as she was to get it back from the owners.

I made some calls, and talked to the next door neighbors. The SPCA took the dog away. The realty company was evicting her, due to non payment of rent. She never even paid them a dime. The only money that they got was from me for the deposit. She told them that she was moving back to MS because her father was dying. Lie. She got into an accident the day this all happened, told the OLD PEOPLE SHE HIT and the cop that her husband had just been killed in Iraq, and that was why she didn't have insurance. Totally fucking untrue. He is alive and well, and so is daddy dear.

The house was trashed. Over 5 grand worth of damage. they had to hire a cleaning company to treat and seal the garage floor. The dog had been forced to live in the un air conditioned garage in her own shit and household garbage. The dog had been taken away by the SPCA at her request. The SPCA had to euthanize the dog because she had Parvo. TheStalker had never gotten the puppy her shots (another contractual agreement for adoption).

When I put the whole story together, along witht he 500 other lies she told us, I confronted TheStalker in July of 2007 when she had come down one last time to retrieve some things from the house. I was at the time PG with the Turtle, but had no clue that Turtle was a girl, or even what her name would be.

TheStalker of course didn't pay us. We took her to court. She didn't show up. We got a judgement. She still hasn't paid us. I have contacted the Navy. Someone posing as a naval officer called me and told me that her husband had been kicked out of the Navy. Not true.

We contacted her again to try to get her to pay without us having to contact and attorney. She threatened me, and told me to "Go spend time with my beautiful daughter L*****, and stop bothering her." She had spelled Turtle's name wrong, but it was the same name.

Since I have never once told this freak that I was having a girl much less my daughters name, I began to wonder how she had gotten the info.


I had given her the link in 2006 so she could look at the puppies. 2006 people. She had a way into my life for 2 years, and I didn't know it.

I did a little looking, and then found out that she had posted pictures of MY TURTLE on her MySp*ce page saying that SHE, not I, had in fact delivered the Turtle. HUH???

I have called the police, and as far as the pictures, they weren't copy written, so I cannot do anything about that.

I can however do something about her owing me money. I was trying to be nice, but girl it is so on now.

That means that I am also calling your husbands ship, and letting them know what you have been up to.

How Do You Like Me Now???

Fear This!!


Rhonda said...

OMG!!! It is my first time over here at your blog, and I am FLOORED at the audacity of some people. Wow.

You go girl!!

momofonefornow said...

Well, she sounds like a crazy lunatic! How do you even get through the day if you have built up such a pile of lies? Who could possibly keep track?

Deb said...

good! glad to hear you are taking such a hard stance against her even if it did take something so bad to kick it into gear for you. take her down Reb.

Kristin said...

Holy Shit Rebel! What a total psycho the stalker is. Take her down and take her down hard!

Tracey said...

Wow! I am so sorry! Contact JAG, and your state representative and file charges with the DA. I agree....she needs to be held accountable...let us know how it all goes! God Bless!

Lost in Space said...

OMG, what a total whack job!!! Good luck getting the money back. That bites.

Anonymous said...

oh my...that is crazy! and scary! good careful.