August 24, 2008

Lupron Day 4

Note to self... look up in the law library to see if any woman has gotten off a 1st degree murder rap while undergoing IVF treatments..... This could prove to be very useful!!

OMG, I am a total BITCH!!!

I can't control my mouth... not that I usually try, but holy crap the stuff that has come out of my face in the last few days, would make a rapper pause and blink.

I don't remember being this hateful and full of discontent the last time I was on this stuff.

All I keep thinking is what the hell am I doing??

I got what I wanted, and I swore I only wanted one.... Yet every morning for the last 4 days I have jabbed a needle in my belly with every intention of getting knocked up again.

Turtle has let me know that she is not going to make life easy for me this time around, as the 10+ times I walked the 80 feet from my bed to her crib the last 2 nights has proved.

Kent goes back to school tomorrow, and that fact alone may very well save the poor boy's life.

Clark gets to hide out from me at work all day to.... lucky!!!

So it is just me and the Turtle starting tomorrow morning, and she has already started looking like she wants to pack her shit and run away!!

All Jokes aside though, I have really had to keep my self in check, and I swore to Clark today that I don't remember this being this bad, and he agreed. Maybe it is because my body has changed that much from having Turtle?? I am not sure, but if I make it through this in one piece and not in a padded room, it may be a miracle.

And we have only just begun.......


Kristin said...

{{{Hugs}}}...having a baby changes your bio-chemistry a lot. I never had migraines before I had kids and now I do. I think you can totally blame any uber-bitchiness on having given birth.

BTW, stop by my blog and see the award I gave you.

CreoleInDC said...

Dude...I would TOTALLY raise money for your defense and I am NOT joking. We'd do bake sales, car washes...the whole nine and get you off.


I promise!

Rhonda said...

You have a baby to look after this time, remember? It is way harder because this time sleep and patience are both issues.

Good luck to you!

Lost in Space said...

And the devil's juice kicks into high gear. LOL. I feel your pain and remember a post during my second IVF about wanting to snap the necks of some of my co-workers for their mindless babble. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

You just described me on a good day!

Deb said...

but on the plus side you recognize it, so maybe that will help you to try better to keep it under wraps a little better.
again, if you need a slice of know where I am - just let me know.

Just Me. said...

LOL. I should meet you someday! I swear like a sailor and yes, sometimes I am shocked too, as to what comes out of my mouth! Just the other day, I was giving my DH a good f-king session on the phone cuz he took the big umbrella and I was caught in the rain, plus I was having a real cranky day. The guy next to me smiled after I hung up and said, BAD DAY, HUH? :)

Well, you bitch and rant away, if you want, I understand.

Anyway, thanks for the award. :) That's really sweet of you.


Anonymous said...

(((Big hugs)))
Girl, sounds like you want to take being the Captain of the USS Infertility from me with that swearing! LOL
My Lupron days are long gone, but I have serious residual affects from using it, coupled with beginning menopause(notice what the first 3 letters in menopause are:MEN)I think my sympathy/empathy genes are slowly being replaced with the yes, now where is my remote gene.
Hang in there sweetie, it won't be long before the dreaded 2WW.
I will call you soon, and you know you can call me anytime!
Love ya!
Poison Ivy