January 5, 2007

Poking right along....

Well, today marks one week of stabbing myself with tiny needles, and the last day of BCP's for what I hope will be one hell of a long time!!! I have been doing pretty ruff with the side effects of the combo this time. The last time I was just on the L*pron alone, I had no issues really, just little stuff here and there..... but this time, there have been headaches, sleep disturbances (mostly not being able to be disturbed enough to sleep), nausea in a big way, and a thirst that would make a seasoned alcoholic jealous (but I stay away from the "hard" stuff!!). So, needless to say this has not been a fun week, and I am hoping that by not having the pill in the mix, things will get better. My ovaries settled down after about the end of the 2nd day, so that isn't a worry anymore. No pressure, constant peeing, bloating or anything else, so I will cross my legs and pray that is a good sign.

I ordered a t-shirt last week, and it finally came tonight. I am excited because I am going to wear it when I go to Clinic next week. It has a HUGE blank name tag on it... you know the ones that they give out when you go to a meeting, or a convention... it says "Hello my name is...." and then has a spot for your name.... well I had it personalized to have my name be.... Mrs. Murphy. I know you know what I was aiming for.... Murphy's Law. I am trying to be a little light about this whole thing, and feel like I really just needed some serious humor to start my Stims off on the right foot!! Ok, I actually just want to be a total smart ass, but hey whatever works right??

Kent came home from school today with some VERY good news... he was asked to join the Junior Beta Club at school!! This is a very select group of honor students, and he has really been working hard for the last year and a half to keep his grades up to be asked. The kids have to carry a 93% average for the 7th grade, and the first 2 quarters of the 8th grade, and then be nominated to join. We are so proud of him because this is such an achievement for him. This is the kid they thought was going to never have an above 3rd grade intelligence due to his tumor/cancer... guess he showed them huh??!! He just continues to amaze his mom and dad so much with how far he has come!! I can't even believe this is the same kid that I brought home almost 5 years ago!! GO KENT!!! Oh yeah and on another note.. the GIRLS are getting a little more interested in him now, and he is LOVING that to.... ahhh to be a fly on those walls!!!

Well, it has been a very long day, and I have to go out all day tomorrow, so I need to hit the sack... I will see you later.....

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