January 6, 2007

I did a Bad, Bad Thing....

I had to go to mega PetFoodStoreConglomerate this past Friday to buy our monthly supply of dog food. Living in the boonies affords me this trip about once a month or every six weeks depending.... Remember, I told you the shopping down here SUCKS. Well, the vet said it was time to place one of our dogs on FatDog dog food, and the stores here don't carry the one that we decided to get. So I went on the journey to purchase it. I had about $25.00 in coupons (they owed me six bucks from a prior visit in which they overcharged me), and I carry a frequent shopper card for said store that saves me on average 2 dollars a bag most times. I got what I needed which made the already hard to steer cart, a bitch to get to the checkout. I had 5 huge bags (40 pounds each) of the FatDog dog food, one regular of our old (to mix with new to avoid massive and nasty doggie gas) a bag of cat food, and several little bags of soft treats. When all was said and done the girl says to me 69 something, close to 70 bucks. Wow what a freaking deal.. the checkout girl thought so to. So I whip out the old checkcard, pay, and mosey out to my van. After loading said food, and climbing in to the van I got to thinking about the price, and I just couldn't think how in the hell it had been so freaking cheap.... ahhh the girl had only charged me for one bag of FatDog dog food.

So, I drove off, that is right I drove off. Of course before I did I had a flash of a thought... OMG if I do this then the powers that be could keep me from getting a positive for this cycle ... and about 10 other thoughts about how this could possibly effect my IVF, or life in general... I am a firm believer in Karma damnit!!!

Now to my defense.... A few months ago I bought some new fish for Kent at said PetFoodStoreConglomerate to the tune of about $65.00 along with a few other supplies. Now unbeknownst to me you should not put that many goldfish in a tank the size that we had because their urine will kill them... ahhh but noone told me that when I was buying them, and I ASKED. So, one by one the fish died, and I was soon freaking out because Kent was getting pretty rattled by the time the 5th one bit it. So I called PetFoodStoreConglomerate to ask what I should do, and the lady told me to bring the corpses up and they would refund me or give me more. Umm well ok, but there wasn't much left by the time we found them, and I wasn't going to go up there every two freaking days when we lost yet another one. So she tells me that is the only way that I am going to get them replaced or get my money back. So I ask her why the guy selling me the fish, who professed his great knowledge didn't tell me about the urine thing, and her response... "Well, you should have bought the goldfish care manual when you were here."

So ... do I feel guilty for not paying PetFoodStoreConglomerate for the dog food the girl didn't ring up??? HELL NO!!! Besides the differance in the 2 was about 10 bucks... ok there now I feel better!!

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Kristin said...

Stabbing yourself with lots of tiny needles sucks...I did it for 9 months...ick. Hope this works for you this time around.

And, don't feel bad about what you did.