January 11, 2007

I am wearing a big, fat grin!!!!!

Well, I finally did get to bed last night, and had a hard time actually getting to sleep only to be woken up around 1:30 am by a rottweiler crawling over my face and trying to sleep, actually I am debating with Clark about the fact that I think she was trying to smother me!! I freaked out, and she pinned me down hair and all. I finally got her off me, but by then I was wide the hell awake. I guess one of our other rotties was laying at the foot of the bed, and every time she tried to go past her, the other one growled. So, she felt the only way out was to go over the top of Clark and I to get to the other side of the room!! UGH I woke Clark up, and he just laughed, and told her to get down.... but this girl is 90 pounds, and when you are half asleep 90 pounds feels like 500, and she wasn't just gonna get down. Of course Clark can just roll over and head right back to never land, but sleep for me doesn't come that easy.... ass!!

I was up before dawn, and in my van to the RE's office by 7 am. It was freaking COLD this morning, and the drive that shouldn't have taken an hour took an hour and a half. I was so irritated by the time I got to the RE's I was just waiting for them to give me bad news. After waiting for about a half an hour the lady from the business office came out and told me that they hadn't received my ins. approval letter. I told her that I had it with me and she went off to copy it. They called me back right after that, I got the standard blood letting, and then was shown my bathroom where I donned the paper towel. My U/S showed no cysts!! Yes way to go guys!! Sorry about the chewing out I gave you last night but I was convinced you were gonna play games today. Lining was nil. So, here I go trying to sit p thinking I am done, and the doc says to me "No, wait there is more." More?? HUH?? I didn't sign up for more. The nurse looks at me as she is ripping open a package, and says... "Mock Transfer." Uh what the hell is that?? Oh I was to find out. This little game is where they take a catheter just like the ones they use for a real transfer, and see if they can get it up through the cervix, and into the baby bin. Well, that was no freaking fun let me tell you!! Think back to when you were a kid, or more recently for some, to when you stuck your tongue to a 9 volt battery... multiply that feeling by 20, and that is what you get in your girlie parts when you have a mock transfer. GREAT!! Who forgot to tell me to take a pain reliever?? After limping back to the bathroom and getting dressed, I was off to learn how to shoot up. The last time I did this it was still the days of separate vials that had to be reconstituted, well now they have this fancy little pen that you load, slap a needle on, dial up the dose, and stab away!! How cool is that?? Checked out, and off to the pharmacy to get the "goodies". Well there has to be a hitch in the day somewhere right?? After a late afternoon call yesterday in which I was informed that yes my meds were there, and yes they were ready, I arrived to find out that my F*llistim had not in fact been delivered, but was en route to the store. I decided to let this one slide, and went off to have lunch with Clark. Had lunch, back to pharmacy. Meds there, and ready. Can I say that when that man told me how much what I was holding in my hands was worth I about crapped!! $4850.00. WOW, that is a lot of dough, and all in a little bag!! Off to the house, and to sit and wait to see if the 4:30 call to the phone tree held that magic phrase. Well it did, all is good start stims tonight!!! YES, Thank the freaking stars!!! So I officially am stimming!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be saying that!! I did have a situation happen that I will tell you about tomorrow. It is late here, and I am so tired that my eyes are cussing me out, so I am off to bed! Night!!


Kristin said...

Good luck hon. I almost shit a brick when they told me how much my lovenox would cost out of pocket...$3000 for one month's supply and I had to use it for 9 fricking months.

DD said...

Follistim is wonderful b/c of the pen and the little needles but the cost, which for us is always OOP keeps us going back to repronex.

Congrats on the start up!

Kris said...

Yay on starting the cycle. Good luck. Follistim sticker shock- it's amazing such a tiny vial of liquid can cost so much!

Anonymous said...

LOL who is Clark?