July 8, 2008

The Blame Game

The fax machine ate my authorization......

or so the story goes.

Sounds like a middle school homework excuse no?? Yeah. Well, that was the one that I got when I finally got it up to call the clinic yesterday.

I had waited ever so patiently for the call to come in last Monday as promised, and it didn't. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Or Thursday. Well, you know Friday she wouldn't have been in the office. So, I called at 4:30 yesterday, and got right through to her. I asked how she was doing, and told her I was sorry about her dad. I then told her that I wasn't trying to be a pain in the ass, but my clock was ticking!!!! She told me that she had faxed my request before she had gone out on leave, and then when she got back last week she noticed that nothing had come back from WeSuck yet, so she called them.

Wait for it........

WeSuck never got the fax, or so they say.

Hard telling, but she did let me know that she had re faxed everything to them on Thursday afternoon, and that I should have an answer one way or the other in the next day or so. Yeah I am holding my breath. WeSuck is called that for a reason.

The Turtle made it a little easy to forget about all that waiting, as the poor little thing was just downright miserable all last week. I ended up taking her to the Ped. twice. Monday they looked her over and said there was still a little infection in her ear, but nothing to keep her getting the low grade fevers that she had been having. So, we gave urine and blood, all to not, because they called and said that the tests showed nothing. They did however give us more antibiotics just in case it was the ear that was still doing all this. By, Thursday morning my happy little baby wasn't so happy, and she kept getting worse. She started projectile vomiting around noon, so I called the doc again. Bring her back tonight. We go back, the doc we see this time tells me that the blood work indicates that she is fighting something, most likely a virus (the same blood work that showed nothing on Monday mind you). So we think that the combo of the ears, a virus, and the teeth were just pushing her to the edge, then we added the strong antibiotic, and boom she fell over. Poor baby hasn't slept through the night in weeks, and she is as tired and cranky as her mommy feels!! Today was really bad as I think she is getting her top teeth now, so she was up all day... yeah no nap... UGH. I feel so bad that she has to go through this, and I want so much to comfort her and take away the pain.

Oh get this, the Turtle started sitting up on her own on the 3rd...... I know already, I can't believe it either!!! It feels like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time, and it has really been almost 6 months. Where has the time gone?? She has done so much changing and growing. I am sad that it went so fast, and I feel like I missed something. I was here for all of it, but it just still doesn't feel real. Even after all these months I find myself holding my breath as I walk into her room, almost expecting the crib to be empty. Thankful, and able to let out that breath when it isn't!! Oh what a ride having this little girl has been!!! I honestly can't wait to get the show on the road again. I want to make some of these same memories with one of Turtles little brothers or sisters.

I will be holding my breath for WeSuck..... OK, not really, but I am waiting.....


Deb said...

well being that i am unemployed, i will wait with you. i got nothin better to do. let me know when the phone rings - i cant hear it from here. :)

Anonymous said...

(((big hugs to all, especially miss turtle)))
I hope you get that phone call soon so you can get the show on the road!
Poison Ivy