July 28, 2008

Almost an Afterthought....

I got so into what was going on over the weekend I almost forgot to mention that somehow only 10 days into my pack of BCP'S, my Ute decided that she no longer needed that tiny bit of lining, and evicted it ever so rudely with no warning on Saturday morning. It wasn't however a tiny bit, and actually once it started, the cramps hurt like a B*tch, I freaking hate Endo!!! I called the clinic this AM, and got my Hydrosonogram scheduled for Thursday morning. So it looks as though things are going to move a long a little faster then I had planned... go figure!!

Turtle has her 6 month visit in the AM, and I am taking her and Kent to get their pictures done after the fact. He will head back to school shortly, so I want to get pics of them together!! Gotta run, the dishwasher needs me!!


Kristin said...

I guess with the insurance timeline its better that things are on a more rapid than expected pace. Good luck.

Deb said...

Well dammit and yay all at the same time!
I cant wait to see the pics of Kent and the turtle.

Just Me. said...

I hate endo too!!!!

Good luck on the Hydrosonogram!!!

Thinking of you!!

Just Me. said...

Is that Ms Turtle's new picture?!

Awww...so cute!