July 15, 2008

Hunger strike??

Turtle is trying to drive me crazy!!!

This has been going on for a few days, but is coming to a head this morning, well today. This girl has only had 6 ounces of formula since 4 AM. I tried to feed her some cereal with fruit, and her lips were pressed shut so hard she was turning purple from the effort. I just don't get it.

She slept for shit last night again, and to save Clark the ruff night, I took up residence on the couch. She hasn't wanted to nap at all today, finally got her to sleep on the couch just a few minutes ago, and I need to get in the shower so that I don't smell like a dead Yak when I go to the docs this afternoon. Now that she is asleep, I suppose that Kent can keep an eye on her!! Oh I so have got to tell you about the phone call that I had with my PCP yesterday when he called about my UTI... it is sad to tell you the truth!! But, I am off to the shower...

If you have any idea as to why this girl will not eat PLEASE let me in on it!!!!


Deb said...

Erica in the absence of any other symptoms, it will just be a phase. sometimes they just dont wanna eat, but she will when she is hungry. dont stress too hard. now if there is anything else different/going on, then take her to the doc. otherwise...wait it out and just keep trying - she will eat again.
now what did the PCP do? Dont make me come up there!

SAHW said...

I wish I had a clue...but I don't. :)

Thanks for your comment...I had a blood draw as well, and I had a positive OPK. In the past, I have always had a temp shift (I know that's not a guarantee), and my original work up showed I was ovulating too - that's why we know not ovulating is not the problem for us.

Hope you're feeling better and Turtle is eating again. :)

Just Me. said...

Sorry, don't have a slightest clue!!! Hope you are feeling better and hopefully Turtle is doing good today!

Give a kiss to your baby Turtle from me!

Kristin said...

As long as she seems otherwise healthy, its a phase. Barring other issues, babies will NOT starve themselves so try not to worry too much. My kids still have days when there eating is drastically reduced. It just happens.

Hehehe, its only as adults that we forget to follow the signals our body gives us and eat too much.