July 27, 2008

Friday, The Weekend & The Friend Called


I should have known it was going to be a shit day, and just stayed in bed. Ha.

Turtle decided that she needed to fuss most of the night, then was up at the crack of dawn demanding a bottle. She got it, played for about 2 hours and then wanted, ok demanded to be put back to bed. I figured hey if she is gonna go back to sleep then I should to. I curled up on the couch, and apparently fell into the land of NOD!!! So deep was my sleep that I sat bolt upright at 15 minutes to 10, and preceded to chew Kent out for letting me sleep... see we had to be at an appointment 55 miles away in just over an hour....... He said he was afraid I would be mad if he woke me up???? Ok whatever, he is 16 and a male, we all know they don't have independent thoughts. So I run all over getting showered, dressed, getting the girls stuff ready to go, woke her, dressed her, and was out the door by 10:15 (amazing if I do say so myself).

Tourist season is in full swing here, and I swear they either drive way to fast or way to slow. I ended up falling in a pack that must have decided that the ambient driving speed MUST be 45!! I swear to you no matter what I did I could not get out of this pack of people. I call Clark and tell him to call the appointment and tell them I am running late. He calls me back 15 minutes later and asks me the good news/bad news question... just freaking tell me already.... Apparently the tech had no idea why I was even coming up because all of the parts for Kent's wheelchair were NOT there like I was told, and the he said that there was no point in me having to come twice.

To understand this being the bad news I have to tell you about the phone calls I received earlier this week. The scheduler called Tuesday to tell me that our parts were all in, and what day would be CONVENIENT for me to come in. She hinted at next week, but today (the 25th) was a really good day because Kent had appointments in the area close by in the afternoon, so I told her this am would be best.

She rudely tells me just a minute she needed to see, comes back asks me what time is good for me. I say our other appointments are at 1:30 about a half hour away.

She says "OK then 9 AM good??"

I said "No that makes no sense, how about 11 AM."

She gets pissy and says "Well just a minute let me check." Comes back on the phone acting snotty, so I ask

"Well just how long is this going to take?"

She huffs into the phone, and tells me that she will be right back she needs to ask the tech.

"About an hour"' she says when she comes back.

"Ok, then 11 AM is perfect for ME", I tell her.

"Fine, I guess we will see you then. She hangs up before I can respond.

The phone rings again 20 minutes later, and it is my newest what bestest friend... rude heifer from above. She informs me that they do not have a script on file for the insurance to pay for the parts. DEEP BREATH from me. It seems they have managed to lose it, so she asks me if I have it can I fax it to her now. I tell her I have it, but I cannot fax it to her because I don't have a fax however I will bring a copy of it with me when I come on Friday.

"Well, I really would prefer if you would fax us a copy, or have the doc do it because you will probably forget it when you come."

"Excuse me?? I carry all of that stuff with me in a folder. I won't lose it like you seem to have lost the other 4 copies that were faxed to you." Ha take that Miss Smarty Pants.

"Well, then could you call his Ped. and have them fax it for me??"

"Fine", at this point I think I broke a filling I was gritting my teeth so hard from trying NOT to cuss her out. I called the peds, explained the situation to them, and they said they would fax it again.

Now this would totally be so not funny if I hadn't gotten home tonight and had a voicemail from this this same woman reminding me to bring the script with me when I came in today... she called at 8:52 AM, I must have been in a coma, cuz I never heard the phone ring. So that must mean that she never got the script that they faxed her.

I am getting my parts when they come in, and RUNNING to a new supplier!!! These people have been screwing around for 6 months now, the poor kid could have had a brand new wheelchair custom built for as long as we have been waiting for bits and pieces!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!

I told Clark that since I had time to kill, and the appointment we had later in the afternoon was only 15 minutes from his office, then we would bring him lunch. Oh how simple the thought was... It literally took me 10 minutes to order my VERY simple order of 2 large roast beef sandwiches, 2 med roast beef sandwiches, 4 large fries and 2 large drinks at Arby$. I had to repeat it 4 times, then once more VERY SLOWLY. I turned to Kent who was sitting in the back seat just stunned, and told him...

"This is why I want you to stay in high school!!!"

I mean really people, it isn't that hard to push a freaking button!!!

We went to the office, and of course Clark had to show the girl off, we ate, and it was time to go.

We got to our appointment on time only to find out we were in the wrong place, Radiology. we headed up to cardiology, where we were supposed to be. Checked in. Called back for an EKG. Kent transferred to the table, and it was then that I noticed that he had leaked through his "diaper"(he wears them because he is paralyzed) and had soaked his clothes with urine. I had to ask for some scrubs because his shorts were done for. The tech that had done his test was very nice, and went out of her way to help us out. Which is more then I can say for the tech that did his U/S. (Note to medical professionals: if you don't like children, don't work with them, and if you need to take something up with a float pool employee, don't do it rudely in the hall in front of patients, we don't appreciate seeing what a bitch you are right before we find out that you are performing the test on our child.) That should actually say it all, adding also that when she was doing his sono she was really ruff with Kent. She pushed so hard on his chest he has a bruise there now. I had made a point of asking her if she wanted him on the table, and she said it made no difference to her. I will be making a phone call on Monday.

Tests done, and we were off to Renal to see his Kidney doc. Again right on time for our 3 PM appointment. I didn't walk out of that office until after 5, and there is nothing wrong with him that they could tell. I feel like a freaking hostage every time I go to see them. Now this hospital is right in the middle of downtown, on a Friday (it is right across from my RE), so traffic was a bear to say the least, and we finally pulled in the driveway at 7:15. Tired. Cranky. Hungry, and in the case of one Turtle, totally melting down because her teeth were killing her. I think I passed out shortly after she did around 10 PM.


We were supposed to have company come to visit... these people stalked me for 3 days about coming to see us and finally seeing the Turtle, and then decided at the last minute to just go on to their final destination w/o calling to tell us they had decided not to come.... what gives with some people??? We sat her most of the day waiting for them, and when I called her cell she tells me that they were already gone, and oops sorry about not calling, but I will be back in town on Thursday, so we will come over then...... I think I am going to be busy on Thursday!!

After that we decided to just get our of the house and go out to eat... had fun, hit the Wally World, and came home..... to a diaper genie that was emptied of its contents all over my living room carpet!! Did I forget to say that since the Turtle is cutting her top teeth most of her dirty diapers are well Runny.... what a freaking mess I swear!!! I don't know how they did it, but they got the damn thing open, and tore up about 50 diapers. GROSS!!!!! So, out came the carpet cleaner. Geez, damn dogs.


I got up early and finished cleaning the carpet. I am really funny about it, and wanted to do it twice, of course Clark thinks I have lost my mind, and I have blisters on my hand now, but hey my carpet looks brand new!!!

The Friend, Lee, called later in the day. She signed on while I was sitting here and read the emails I had sent and called. She was angry that I put her out there on my blog, and I told her, that I didn't know what else to do. She was mad because she said I didn't tell the whole story about the event we were to attend, so I will.

Lee's boss buys tickets to an event in our area. There are actually several events covered by one ticket purchase. For the last 5 years other then really special reasons, this has been the way that Lee and I get together. We used to live right down the street from each other, but now we are more then an hour and half's drive away, in two different states. So in a sense these concerts became a night out and away for each of us. We would meet, have dinner, usually Tac* B*ll, and then have a nice fun filled night. I have always sent a gift to her boss at the end of the season thanking him for the chance to go to the shows. We didn't go to any last year because the groups were all the same, and it was getting boring. Well in January, the day Turtle was born, the list of acts came out, and I asked Lee if her boss was going to get tickets this year, because if he wasn't, then I was going to buy my own. All the groups were ones I really wanted to see, and Clark had agreed that it would be a nice break from the girl when I wanted to get out. She told me that he was buying them, and in fact getting an extra set just for us. I want to make it clear that I have NEVER EXPECTED to get to go to these concerts, and there are a few that I have missed because he has used the tickets. I do not have a problem with this at all, as I know that they are his tickets. I guess the fact that I specifically asked her about them, so that I wouldn't miss any of the shows this year, by buying my own tickets is what upsets me about the whole thing. The last show he decided to use all of the tickets, and she never even called me. The first concert in May she called and told me the day before and said he was using all of the tickets, so even though I was upset about it being so last minute, that was what upset me, the last minute cancellation. I could have avoided all of this by buying my own damn tickets.


The verdict, she still loves me, she has just been very busy. I told her that I get that, but it has been over a month since she has even read my emails. I get it. I do, we are in totally different places now.... Her kids are now all grown, and my family is pretty much just getting started. It doesn't make it hurt any less though. I miss her. I was there when her kids were growing up, and I guess maybe I just expected the same from her. Our lives are so different from what they were just a year ago, and it makes me sad in a way. She is moving into the part of her life of "no kids" and I am moving into my life with Kids. It is sad because she is only 7 years older then me, and I guess most of our friendship I have been like the kid sister. So, life has gone on for her, and for me to, but in totally different directions... doesn't that just figure?? We are supposed to go see them next Saturday for a cook-out, but somehow I can't shake the feeling that inviting us was an after thought. Oh well, I really just want to see her, and she hasn't seen the Turtle since she was born, so I am gonna suck it up and go.

I am just sad to feel like I am not going to have her by my side for my journey into motherhood when I was actually there for most of hers. Somehow I feel like I don't have the right to expect that, but then on the other hand, I just don't want to give up the friendship. Unfortunately I feel as though things are changing just way to much for us to stay the close duo we used to be. I have no words for what I am feeling......


Deb said...

I too had a friend that I was very close to and we drifted apart. She knows lives in Tx and I have not seen her in years. We do email, but its not the same.

What is up with you and the crappy medical peeps??!! I think I may have to start calling you "black cloud" if you dont start having better luck.

Samantha said...

Ugh. What a day!

I am sorry about your friend. It's painful to have friendships change and drift apart like that. I had a good friend here who we used to get together and go for regular walks, take care of each other's cats, and even took a trip to the beach together. Then, somehow, we just stopped seeing each other very much, and I would ask her to do things, but she was always busy. Yet I knew she would get together with other people. Eventually I just stopped asking. D suggested I invite her to our moving party, and while I didn't initially want to, I did. She, of course, had other plans. So while there wasn't any one specific incident, it still hurt. I'm sorry.

Kristin said...

Wow...that was one hell of a weekend. Hope this week is a lot better and you have a good time with your friend.

SAHW said...

Oh my, what a weekend...I'm sure you're glad it's over. :) Here's hoping the coming week will be much better and calmer!