July 17, 2008

Back in the Battle!!!!

Thanks to everyone for checking up on me. It was pretty late when I got home last night, so I really just took care of the Turtles nightly refusal to go to bed, and then decided that I WASN'T going to refuse to go to bed, and hit the sack!!


My RE's office is an hour and a half from my house, in good traffic, and needless to say a 4 PM appointment, in a major downtown metropolitan area, didn't make for "good" traffic. In fact I had to be one of those Biotches we all love to hate, and drag the Turtle into the office with me because Clark got stuck in traffic just trying to get there... and he only works 10 minutes away!!! I was more then a little irritated, but what what was I going to do, leave her in the car??? Me thinks not!!

I had to do all of the paperwork since I was technically a "New" patient, and I actually asked them after I was done if they could put us back in one of the offices... just in case. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I would like to think that they got that.

Dr. B comes in right after Clark finally showed up, and we got down to business. We discussed my PG and delivery with the Turtle. She was concerned about the previa, and the partial abruption, and thinks that we need another saline sono to check the inside of the Ute... OUCH!!! I hated the last one, that is how we found out my tubes were blocked, so it wasn't fun!!! We talked about the pelvic pain I have been having, and she agreed with me that it was prolly the Endo again. She also was pretty upset with my PCP, and said that the discharge was prolly just hormonally induced, and he had no clue if he put me on that antibiotic with no proof of infection. She told me that she wanted to do an U/S to check the ovaries and Ute, and get some blood work to check my FSH, (she wants this to see how the old egg reserve is doing, and if we will need to up the F*listim), LH, thyroid, along with a few other things since it had been 2 months since my last AF, well and since I went and got 35, you know, OLD.

Ahh Cooter Cam how I missed thee, with your Tr*jan fleeced body, and your glistening gel... ok not really, but it sounded cute!! LOL

The ovaries are acting a fool, lots of cysts, and the left one seems to want to let everyone know it is there by being twice the size of the right one... damn ova-achiever that it is. The Ute, is as Dr. B put it "Beautiful", at least something in there is being pretty!! I thought that was funny since there was no lining, so she is just sitting there being quiet for now... just hanging out watching my ovaries make asses of themselves!! :o) There is some Endo in there that has calcified, but nothing she thinks we really need to worry about. It is however the most likely cause of all my pain and tenderness, so I told her the plan if we should get another Take Home Baby is to have it all scooped out after the fact anyway. She agreed.

The Plan---

Bloodwork- check

Birth control until I get AF ( I still find this hysterical everytime I put one of those pills in my mouth!!)-working on it.

Saline Sono on day 5 or so- Not happy about it, but will do when the time comes.

She is supposed to call me in the next day or so to let me know what the blood work says, so we will know where to go from there as far as meds go.

I will keep taking the BCP's into my next cycle and then start the Lupr*n since that worked really well for supression last time.

So, if all goes well, and things run smoothly (Yeah I said it what ya gonna do Jinx me??) I should be with child by the end of September. Ha!! Take that Universe!!!

Turtle wore this yesterday, and it was a real hit with the whole office!!


Deb said...

All good things, I must say. FIngers crossed for continued success for us...I meant y'all. I really did...

SAHW said...

Too cute!! :)

Sounds like you've got a game plan and you have your game face on! I hope you'll get pregnant right away. :)

Kristin said...

Love the t-shirt and it sounds like you have a great doc to work with.