March 11, 2007

What a BEAUTIFUL Weekend!!!

Yes it was an amazingly beautiful weekend here in the South!!! Ahh so it was a time of YARD WORK!!! Clark decided that we needed to clear our back field... OK some of it... where we had thrown all the trees that we cut down 2 Falls ago... good lord what a freaking chore!!! I worked like a dog helping him, and the muscle pain has set in now that I am sitting still!!! We spent 4 hours clearing the trees, burning grass, and then burning the trees. By the time we got done we looked like a pair of Coal Miners, and smelled like a bon fire!!! I would love to just toss a match in the other 2 acres that we have, but that would be bad as I don't think the neighbors would agree with getting their land cleared like that!!! Oh well, we are really hoping that the people who manage the barn behind us will go ahead and clear it for pasture, like we told them they could, then I won't have to burn or clear anything else!! Clark mostly wanted to do the clearing that we did today so that he and Kent can make an RC car track out there. So, tomorrow I will call and get some clay delivered for that, so that he can get started on it... ahhhh boys and their toys!!!

On the Infertility front, today was CD34, and still no Crimson Bitch. I have been having tons of CM the last few days, so on a whim I did an OPK, and it was positive, go figure. I haven't had any pain that would make me think that I was ovulating, and the last time I had CM was just 2 weeks ago, but the OPK was negative, so I guess it will be at least another week or so before the hag shows her face. Bummer!!

The work situation has gotten horrible to say the least. I went back Thursday because they hadn't confronted the family, and then Friday they told me they had talked to them, but that everything would be fine.... Yeah right!!! Needless to say I was treated like hell by the Granddaughter all day, she said some really rude stuff to my face like telling me I could only sit in one of the chairs because she didn't want to have to see my face every time she came out of her bedroom!! Then to top it all off with her Husband told me when he came home that since I Insisted on interrupting their family time by working all my hours that I was not to even speak to any of the three of them while I was there, and any of my questions should be directed to the woman I care fors daughter. I have to tell you that I have NEVER been treated so disrespectfully in all my life!!! I plan on talking to the agency on Monday in the AM to let them know what went on. I can't believe that people can be so mean... I guess no good dead goes unpunished huh??

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