March 21, 2007

Oh Yeah....

I almost forgot, Thanks for all of the comments on the Hand Slap post. I still have not heard back from the offending "Specialist", and am not sure that I will. I love ya Lisa!! Yes Heidi, humor can make even the shittiest days worth living!! So Co, and Samantha, yeah OHSS does suck, and that is in fact the point I was making... glad someone got it!! :o) BTW Samantha, I did get the clarification that I was looking for from Clark, he told me that "Of course he was on board, with sex like that promised every night if he was, HE WAS!!!!" Just kidding, he did say that, but that was after we had already talked it over, and he said he just doesn't like seeing me hurt, but if it was important to me then it was just as important to him. I really hope that he meant that, because I could hardly walk this morning!! :oP~~~~

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DD said...

tmi! tmi!

Oh wait. Is there really such a thing as tmi when it comes to infertility?