March 12, 2007

Such is my life...

Well, still no CB, and I am getting pissy now, I want her here YESTERDAY!!! Oh well what is a little more waiting after almost 15 years??? UGH!!!

So, I went to the office today to turn in some of the paperwork that they needed, and told the head nurse about my experience Friday, and she was stunned, said that I shouldn't have to put up with that, and that she would be making some calls. She actually told me thank you for bringing the things that had happened to her attention because they needed to be addressed ASAP. I also found out that the woman that I care for is NOT supposed to be left alone period, and I know 2 of the nights that I worked she was left alone for several hours after I left. I guess for the life of me I cannot figure out how someone could treat their loved ones like that, but it is obvious that the granddaughter resents the fact that she is being left in charge of her grand mother. There were a few other things that happened on Friday that I didn't write for the sheer fact that they are against the law, and I looked right in the face of my boss today after all was said and done and told her that I would go back, but that if this girl continued being a cow, that I could call her job about a urine test, and CPS... that should give you a little hint about some of it. I get sick when I see people mistreating the one thing that I want more then anything, esp. when they came by it so easy. So anyway, I won't know anything until late tomorrow about all of that, but I don't think that they are going to send me back again. Clark told me tonight that I should call CPS just on the principal of what I saw, but I haven't decided about that yet, only because I worry that this girl knows where I live, and my phone #, and after Friday I wouldn't put it past her to try to show up here and cause some issues.... don't worry they aren't beating the poor kid, or I would have already made that call. I just really feel angry that I have been put in the middle of all of this bullshit when all I wanted to do was make a little side money, and keep my license up!!

Today we had a little anniversary of sorts here in the Infertile house... It was 5 years ago today that Kent came to live with us!! It has been a long five years, but looking back today I can't imagine where the time has gone!! It has been like he went from 10 to 15 overnight. He has gone from being a tiny 55 pound, bedridden, overly medicated, and basically unhappy child to this smart, funny, independent, amazingly intelligent, wonderful young man!! Oh not to mention that he tips the scales now at 110 pounds!!! I am so very proud of the man that he is becoming, and even prouder that I have the chance to be his MOM!! I really couldn't have asked for a better kid if I had given birth to him, and even though we have our bad days, he is the light of my life, and the one reason that I love being his mom!!! So here is to the next five years, and all the "fun" it promises to bring..... He starts High School in the fall!! LOL

On a good note Faith over at Keeping the Faith got some AWESOME news yesterday, so head over and give her a high five!!!

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DD said...

I would have a hard time with all that drama, and I admire you being able to deal with it daily.

Congrats on this anniversary. You definitely beam when you talk about your son.