March 21, 2007

The first day of Spring....

Well, it has come and gone, and it was cold here most of the day so that was pretty odd for me, however tonight one of the true signs of spring here in the south (well our part anyway) returned... FrogSong... That is what I call it. It is when the frogs and toads start "singing" again. I used to hate it when we would visit Clark's relatives because it was annoying, but now I love it. It is like my own white noise machine. It also means that spring is back!! For most of the country spring is real when the robins return, but they never really leave here, although with as cold as it was this last winter I did see far fewer of them, not that I blame them it was cold as hell here!!

I wanted to tell you about a few things that happened this week:

Things that made me happy:

1. Kent cut his hair.... this was all part of a larger plot on my behalf... He has a terrible crush on this girl, and I am friends with her mother. Well, when I found out that Kent wanted to ask her to his big dance at the end of the year I told her mom that he was going to ask, and if she could tell her daughter to try to get Kent to cut his hair... OMG it worked, he called to ask her the other night, and she said she would be honored to go, as long as he cut his hair. He got it done tonight, and it was not as short as I had hoped, but the dance isn't until June 1st, so I will get him to "trim" it again before then!!! I know I am terrible, but it was looking pretty straggly!! His hair is terribly thin, and it just looks bad long!! One point for mom, even if I was devious getting it!!!
2. Kent got his Spring pictures back, and they looked really good!! He usually takes horrible pictures, and has told me that he does it on purpose because he hates getting them done.... trust me our X-mas card is always a freaking CHORE!!!
3. I got a call this week to do a private duty case, that will pay better then what I am already making, and the couple sounds really great, so i hope that it pans out. The only issue that I can see is that she wants me to work days, and that may interfere with my next cycle, but I am hoping that we can work around it.
4. There seems to be a new member of the Infertile household... her name is Sheba, and she is the cutest little kitty. We found her as a stray and I ended up finding out that she was dropped off at the stables behind our house. Well, they didn't want her back, and we were going to find a home for her, but Clark has fallen fast in love with her, so I guess she will be staying!! I think she has "species confusion" though, she hates our other cats, but LOVES the Rotties, and actually acts more like a dog then a damn cat anyway... how sad, but very amusing to tell you the truth!!!

Things that made me Not So Happy:

1. I have not heard back from my agency about anymore cases, and they are giving me the general feeling that they aren't interested in giving me anymore work. I plan on calling them in the morning to see just what in the hell is up because I have never worked for a place and not been called for over a week. The need for good CNA's is outrageous, and I cannot imagine them not even having a fill in situation for me. Hmmm.
2. Two of my female Rotties are in heat, and the two males are going to drive me to DRINK!!! Both of the males are fixed, but you would never know it the way they lust after the girls. When I told the vet about it he just laughed and said "Well you can take the testicles out of them, but you can't take the Male out of them", yeah I see that now!! The funniest part is that one of the males is a mini Doxie, and he has been busting his ass trying to get one of those girls to "Let him have it"!! It is the funniest thing to see I SWEAR!!!! The part that gets on my nerves is the constant growling and barking that the two males do to each other... OK well that is kinda funny to, loud and annoying but funny, not that the little one has a snowballs chance in hell to win that fight if it happened!!!
3. Clark got some bad news at the docs and I am trying to take it all in. He has had high blood pressure for years, and has been on tons of meds to control it, but so far they haven't had much of a effect. Well when he went to the doc on Friday they told him that something didn't sound right and put him on an EKG machine. Well, sure enough he was tachycardic, and had an abnormal rhythm. So they have put him on even more drugs, and told him that he HAS to lose weight or his heart is going to kill him in the next 10 years. First of all, that kinda pissed me off because the man is not FAT at all, he is overweight, but not obese by any terms. He eats well, and exercises, but high blood pressure runs in his family. So he has been taking these new meds that make him feel like hell, he can't sleep, and he has been very cranky this last week. I am scared for us.
4. I have a cousin who I am very close to that is graduating in May, and I am not going to be able to go. The whole family is going home for this, and I will be stuck on a trip to DC/Baltimore that I really don't want to go on. The trip is for Kent's school, and is going to cost me about $700.00. I have to go because of his special needs, not that I don't want him to go, but I think that the dates were very poorly planned, not to mention they will miss 2 days of school to go. Clark can't go because one of us has to stay here with the animals, and in order to lower some of the cost of the room, on of the other Mother/son teams that is going, agreed to room with us, saving us over 100 bucks each. But still... UGH!!

I did something this last week and a half that I couldn't have done just a year ago. I spoke a few weeks ago about a baby shower that I hosted for a friend, well she has had some issues the last say 5 weeks, and has to go in 2 days a week for NST's, and monitoring. Well, her hubby has been unable to go, so I have been going with her the last 3 visits. I have to admit that the Belly's in the waiting room are a little bit of a hard one to swallow, but I forget all about it once I am back in the room with her, and I get to hear her little mans heart beating away. That is the most amazing sound on the planet!!! I consider this a big step for me because of the last years diagnosis' and how it has completely changed my Infertility battle, and I really wasn't sure that I was ready, but she is my friend, and I love her, not to mention it isn't her fault that she is fertile and I am not. So I go, and I enjoy joking with her, and hearing that heart beating away. One sad thing that happened the other day though was that she got sent to L&D at the hospital, and while we were in the room, a lady came in who was due June 4th, and they were pretty sure she was losing her baby. I overheard her telling the nurse that this was an IVF baby, and that they had waited 12 years for this little girl, so could they please do everything they could to help her. I wanted to go hug her, give her a shoulder to cry on, let her know I felt at least some of her pain, and make sure that she was ok. When we left she was still there, and she and her husband were crying. I am not sure what happened, but I have been sending a prayer to that unknown "sister in arms" every time I think of her since.

So long for now, it is late, and I am getting tired!!!


deanna said...

Well, first of all, I'm AMAZED that you have a husband who's a cat-lover! He could make major money offering cat empathy classes to other men. Congrats on the new sweetie!

But, I'm also sorry to hear about the medical troubles Clark is having. Such a scary thing when your genetics pile up on you like that and screw things up. Thinking of you guys...

Samantha said...

What a lot of things going on! I hope that Clark will be okay. That sounds pretty scary.

I love the frog songs too. I used to live in a apartment by a swimming pool. Around this time of her, before they cleaned the pool, the frogs would take over and croak their heads off every night. My night music.

Southern Comfortable said...

The haircut story cracks me up. The things that teenage boys will do to impress the ladies . . . .