May 1, 2008

Happy Conception Day!!!!

Dearest Turtle,

It was one year ago today that your daddy and I shuffled off at the crack of dawn all full of hope. We joked and laughed that day, and prayed that things would turn out the way we needed them to. There ended up being 8 little embies including you made that morning (your grandpa's birthday by the way!!). I cannot even go back to that day without thinking about all of the hope that I carried into the clinic with me. The dream that rode on those very tiny little cells that became you that day, has been in reality better then I could have ever imagined. You have made your daddy and I the happiest we have ever been. You have turned our lives upside down in the most beautiful way. I am so glad that you are here, and that you were made just for us. I am so happy that you chose this day one year ago to become my daughter, and I look forward to all the years that we are going to share with each other!! I love you!!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post to go with a beautiful pic of that little princess of yours!
poison ivy

Anonymous said...

WOW Erica she is truly a beauty! You did a great job!! Keep up the good work. Send some pics more often girl...geesh!


Jason and Samantha said...

Hi there! :)

I didn't see an email on your profile.. I do live in Eastern NC. Email me and I'll let you know exactly where, since there are like 15 USCG bases in Eastern NC!

Your little girl is gorgeous!!

Heavenly Blossom said...

What a beautiful little one you have there! How wonderful!