May 30, 2008

And we're off.....

Well hopefully anyway. After many phone calls back and forth from the RE to We Suck Ins. Co., I finally got a freaking answer on how in the hell I can get back in the stirrups again. I took care of everything today, and the paperwork is in, so I should hear something next week. There are 2 answers that I can get... a) Yes and b) are freaking kidding you crazy broad, you just had a damn baby, you must be infertile again for at least a year before we let you blow aother wad of our cash like that!!! (besides we all know that now you got pregnant, and have a real live baby, you will no longer be infertile and just start popping kids out AKA Michelle Duggar). Obviously I am hoping and praying for A, but we all know that asking for and receiving is two totally different things. I want you to know that I will raise hell if I get B, because those idiots are just to stupid to understand COMPLETELY BLOCKED FALLOPIAN TUBES as a DX, and there isn't a chance in hell that I will get knocked up without medical intervention, if even then. Gah.

It was a really hard decision to have to come to here in the Infertile house in the first place. We love the Turtle to death, and really want to spend a lot of quality time with her, but the quickly approaching elderly age of the egg supply is a pressing issue. So, that along with the AMA category that I will hit in just 26 days, makes us really feel pushed to move on in a big hurry with attempting more family building. We all know that of course it will work on the first try, and we will end up with triplets to, so hey what the heck!! Hell, I better shut up now with the way my luck has been lately!!!

I have really enjoyed NaComLeavMo so far, and I want to thank all of you for the terribly kind comments!! We honestly do not know how our Little Turtle ended up so beautiful, as both of her RedNeck parents are total White Trash.... guess they threw a little class in her petri dish while they had her in the lab... how cruel!! I cannot begin to tell you though how really blessed and lucky we feel to have this amazing little girl in our lives, and I feel equally as blessed to have found such a great community that stood there next to me while we made our dream come true. There are so many stories out there, and I have been taking all of the new ones in that I have found through NCLM. I am just in awe at the women who stand up and face this Beast head on everyday. We come from all over the planet, from every walk of life, and yet we still manage to share a unity that will forever bond us together. The sad thing is that none of us want, or deserve it. We wear it though, and fight it just like any other illness that needs to be fought, some win, some loose, but we will forever be Sisters because of our fight, and for that I am thankful. I never had a sister growing up, and now I have so many. Nice to meet you all!!

P.S., I think I am going to take my own roll of bubble wrap next time, it shouldn't add much to her weight, right??

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deanna said...

Good luck as you jump back into the game! It makes sense to me that you're starting right away because you had to jump through so many hoops with little Turtle. Here's hoping things go a little smoother this time around and that extra bedroom will soon be full!