May 31, 2008

Our Story

I see that so many have come up with Intro posts for NaComLeavMo, so I guess I will attempt to do the same!!

I was actually diagnosed with PCOS at the tender young age of 17, so the fun began early!!

Clark and I met in 1992, where I had an immediate crush on him the first time I laid eyes on him... he was just to sexy ladies, I swear!! We went on our first "date" on November 2, 1992 and saw Under Siege. From there we were pretty inseparable.

We were married June 4th of 1994. Clark ran off to serve his country, and I followed. We never did anything to prevent pregnancy, and went on with our lives. About 3 years into things, I really started getting antsy to get the show on the road for real, and went to see on OB. I was however thwarted by the machine that is military medicine, and I spent the next 6 years fighting for everything from Clomid to RE visits. in 1997 we did a cycle of Follistim, had triggered and were 20 hours from an IUI when Clark's ship had to leave for a 6 month cruise a week early, so 9 grand in meds went right in the shitter on that one. After that Lame attempt, and when Clark returned, we were sent back to Navy docs, and they basically told me that my obesity was what was causing my IF, and that I needed to loose about 100 pounds and then come see them again... only they didn't say it so nice, and my response wasn't to go quietly into the night to say the least.

So, I researched Gastric Bypass, and had the surgery in February of 2001. In February of 2002 I had lost all of that 100 pounds and some, but the Navy decided that I would have to start at the beginning... FORGET THAT CRAP!!

We asked for and received Kent as our foster child in March of 2002, and due to his many medical needs at the time, we put TTC on the back burner. I guess having Kent living with us kicked my "Clock" into high gear and it wasn't 6 months before I was begging Clark to go back to the RE. I then experienced some medical problems due to the Gastric Bypass that caused us to hold out for a few more long months.

In 2003 we bought our 4 bedroom house, and became VERY eager to fill those 2 empty rooms, so it was off to the races... stalled by the great Navy machine again. No referrals out of the system, and the wait to get an RE appointment with them was 9 months. At this point Clark is strongly considering getting out of the Navy and this kinda pushes our decision over the edge.

In late 2004, Clark leaves the Navy, and begins working for the Fed. government as a civil employee. We were thrilled to death to find out that one of the ins. plans covered IF treatments 50/50 but you have to wait like 6 months to even apply for coverage, so we waited.

In July of 2005 I went in to see our new PCP, and found out that she thought I had Breast Cancer... found out in August that they were just lumps... thank God!! I asked her then for the referral to the RE, and we started the fight with WeSuck Ins. Fight with WeSuck for referral until March of 2006.

March of 2006, first visit back at RE, game plan drawn up for the ins., now we just wait for final approval. Game plan= Ovulation induction and IUI's (LOL if only I knew then) Late March I start having a lot of pain and issues with my ovaries.

April 2006- RE confirms that I am the "broken" one, Clark's SA #'s come back off the charts. Shit.

May 2006- Follow up to finalize "game plan" for ins. co.

June 2006- Ins. approved one medicated IUI cycle, but I started having terrible pains in my abdomen. RE takes a look and sees a bunch of "free" fluid in my pelvis... we take a wait and see approach while waiting for AF to come. AF shows, and I go in for BW and U/S. RE finds suspicious "spots" in my lining that "could very well be" endometrial cancer. FUCK. Biopsy done then.

July 2006- No Cancer, thank the Universe, but more fluid in pelvis, RE thinks I may have some endo. Schedule laproscopy for August.

August 2006- Lap reveled Massive scaring caused by stage 3-4 Endo, "game plan" changes to injects with IUI, or maybe IVF. We found out that WeSuck Ins. counts an injects with IUI cycle as an IVF, and since we only get 3 I told the RE we want to just jump to IVF. She agrees, and we schedule a saline sono.

September 2006- Saline sono reveals totally blocked tubes, but a normal uterus, so IVF isn't an option now, it is the only way. SHIT.

October 2006- Start IVF protocol with Lupron, never get AF, have cycle cancelled to to Lupron Flare syndrome (this is extremely rare). I order a shirt that says My name is Mrs. Murphy. Have to go on BCP's to start AF.

November 2006- No AF even on BCP's, so we are in a holding pattern in she comes. Get cancelled again at the end of the month.

December 2006- Miss lab closure and start Lupron on the 28th.

January 2007- Started stims on the 11th, ER the 22nd got me 20 eggs. Very pathetic fert. report on the 23rd, 4 fert. on their own 24 hours after ret. the rest got rescue ICSI, but didn't do squat. Transfer on the 25th went ok. I end up Severely hyper-stimulating... OHSS is a nightmare!! End up with strep throat to.

February 2007- Spotting and Negative Beta.

March 2007- Waiting for AF. She shows on the 26th.

April 2007- April 5- Start L*pron, April 12- Stop BCP's, April 19- Start Stims.

May 2007- Retrieval on the 1st gave us 29 eggs, fert. report on the 2nd showed 6 nice embies after ICSI. Transferred one 8 cell and one 7 cell on the 4th. Beta # 1=528 on the 18th, Beta #2=3694. U/S on the 23rd shows two sacs. U/S on 26th still shows two sacs.

June 2007- U/S on June 4th shows one very healthy heartbeat.

And as they say the rest is history!!!


Nicky said...

Here from NaComLeavMo. That whole "lose weight and everything will be fine" line is such BS. I can't believe it took you so long to get proper medical coverage! Glad things seem to be working out for you now!

Jendeis said...

Here from NaComLeavMo. Congratulations on your new little one! Hope that things continue to go well.

Was just told that we cannot begin IVF with me losing 40 lbs, as they will not do IVF w/ BMI over 40. SIGH and tears.

SAHW said...

Thanks for sharing your story - I did some back-reading, but this sums things up well. You've been through a lot, so it's no wonder that you now have your beautiful Turtle. I really enjoy reading stories like yours, because they give me so much hope.

Hope2morrow said...

And you sustained all that? I always think I am so weak, but then I remember our infertility journey. Anyone who goes through what we do, and certainly what you have trudged through, is incredibly strong and strong-willed and persistent! Thank you for showing us that it can be done; patience and dedication just have to be abundant.

You, my friend, are an inspiration in your journey! Thank you for sharing!

Samantha said...

Your story is a testament to your will - getting through all of those obstacles!

DC said...

You have been down a long and bumpy road, my friend. Congratulations on getting your happy ending. :)

Anonymous said...

Here from NCLM - Miss Turtle is a little sweetie - congratulations! But my goodness, what a journey you have had. I sure hope your insurance company gets the answer right the first time - wouldn't it be nice to have something go easily in this journey ... for a change??

Deb said...

HOLY CRAP!! That is some story. I am so happy for you that things finally got "done" though and you do have that gorgeous little turtle (except for that whole broke head thing that is).

Good luck with WeSuck Ins on this round. Hope all the stars and planets align as they should for someone who has had way more than her share of crap.

Steph said...

I am sorry it took so long to get help especially being told you will be fine if you weren't overweight. My RE tried telling me the same thing but I told him that if my husband's sperm count was higher we wouldn't be in his office!

What jerks.

Deb said...

Thanks for the support with the granddaughter issue. and esp. thanks for the virtual hugs, but i think you broke my clavicle...


Duck said...

Thanks for sharing your story.