May 15, 2008

Who Knew????

Who Knew... that the sight of a very pregnant 14-16 year old in her jammies and slippers, in the baby section at Tar*et could make you seriously want to walk up to her and Punch her in the face. It was disgusting really, she has no idea what she has there!!!

Who Knew... that Michelle Dugg*r would still be able to walk without a limp or she should at least be hellaciously bow legged by now!! Come on people are you freaking kidding me here... this is pushing he limits of a human uterus if I have ever seen one!! YUCK!!!

Who Knew... that Mothers Day could still suck, even after you have a baby!!! Yeah that's right I said it... My Mothers day sucked the big one!! Mostly it was Kent who let me down with the 30 seconds that he spent "making" my card. If he was 5 it might have been cute, but he is 16 for crying out loud. He made no mention of getting anything to Clark, or me, so we just waited to see what he would come up with, and I got my heart broken..... what a freaking bummer!!! I mean I got a cute card from Clark and Turtle, along with Turtle's birthstone baby, but I actually had started looking forward to the fact that this boy can think for himself and might come up with something that would really make my heart melt.... Yeah. Not. So. Much. Also I should mention that Little Miss Turtle has been sick off an on for weeks now, and as of Sunday she was gearing up for her second try at a double ear infection, so she was NOT in a pleasant mood. She spent most of the day wanting to be held and screaming, so that didn't help matters much. Of course I am sure that I am to blame because I had the day all worked out in my mind to be a star studded (sarc) event.. LOL jokes on me!!!

Who Knew.... that just going into Babie$RU$ after you had a real live baby could still bring the vile, evil, nasty infertile feelings right back up your throat!! I have the hardest time still seeing those bellies. I can hardly stand to go into that store, or even see pregnant women, even though I have the Turtle with me, so she is my reminder that I beat the old Bitch that is infertility.... I'm just saying.... it doesn't get any easier after you have felt the burn for so many years.... I really wish that it did!!!

Who Knew... that the new insurance carriers were going to be such JACKASS' about our IF coverage.... LOL according to them, I am no longer infertile since I was able to get pregnant and carry an infant to term!! HA!!! I guess someone forgot to tell my ovaries that since they are still on strike!! I haven't had a visit from AF since I finished my post partum bleeding.... go figure, once again my body said "Uh yeah you thought you had beaten us!!!"

So those are just a few of the things bouncing around in my head the last week or so, and I have to admit it gets frustrating!! I am really surprised at myself sometimes about how hard the reaction to a pregnant belly is, but I had a friend tell me the other day that something that you lived with for almost half of your life won't just change in such a short time. The teen in Targ*t... yeah I would have felt that way in infertile or not, it was just sick I tell you, and it breaks my heart. I have seen that situation fail more often then not, and it breaks my heart for that innocent little baby. I guess that infertility becomes such a part of you when you have to deal with it for so long that giving it up is like breaking a bad habit, you know it isn't healthy, but you need it to feel "normal". UGH

So the Turtle is growing at her own pace, and we have our 4 month visit next week I think.... so hard to believe all that time has gone by already!! It cracks me up at the changes that she has made to!! She is a very demanding little soul, but also such a comedian!! She is getting the cutest little personality, and it just stuns me when she does things like her daddy or I. She really is an amazing little person, and I cannot imagine a day without her here!!!

As you can tell by the Ins. Co comment, I am being told that we are gonna have to jump through hoops again. The company is the same, but they changed carriers if that makes any sense, so now I have to start all over again. What I am hoping to do though is to have the RE write us a letter to try to change their minds... wish me luck ion that one. With 35 coming up on me next month, we need to just get this show on the road now, not 2 freaking years from now!!! Besides, as much as I hated being pregnant the last time, this time can't be any worse!! Someone asked me that the other day, if I hated being pregnant so much then why in the world would I want to do it again?? Uh gee cuz that is how you get a baby!! DUH!! But honestly, I am just so in love with this little girl, that I want more!! I know the greed that consumes me!! LOL :o)

Oh yeah Clark made it through his two weeks away with amazing ease, I wish I could say the same for us though, as we were all sick most of the time, so he actually got pretty damn lucky!! The end of the school year is looming again, and I don't know what we are going to do about summer and a job or something for Kent, I guess we will have to work harder on that, but hell I am just happy that he made it through unscathed for the most part!!

Well, it is late, and the Turtle will be up soon for her middle of the night, feel better bottle... maybe.... that is something she likes to do, she switches it up sometimes to keep mommy hopping!!!! Turkey!!!


Erin said...

Wow, there's a lot going on in your life right now! I'm sorry that Kent let you down on Mother's Day--did you tell him how you felt? I really hope he gets it that his insensitivity was awful and that he needs to tell you how much he appreciates you. I hope Turtle is feeling better soon, and I hope that your RE's letter will be enough to satisfy the insurance company!

Anonymous said...

You make me sick the way that you talk about your "son". You should be a little more understanding that he probably feels like a total outsider now that you went and made a baby with your husband. I can only imagine how hard it is for him to see you dote and love on your little girl, and then you come here and slam him for the Mothers Day card he gave you? Hell at least he made you one you ungrateful bitch. I think he deserves better then you. I mean you don't even show pictures of him here or anything. You're not fooling anyone, he was a means to an end for you, and now you have something better. People like you are the reason I aborted my baby instead of giving it away.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Aborted a baby because of someone loving and caring about a child who is extremely difficult to raise. Its sad that people out there, get pregnant while doing drugs, drinking, ect and their child is born with mental and physical disabilities and they don't want to take care of them, so they go into foster care and not caring if someone adopts them or they stay in a residental home for life. Thank GOD for THIS WOMEN and MYSELF (not putting myself on any pedistool) but Thank God he made us the women we are today for these kids. I have also adopted two children through social services. My oldest was 8 and came with a lot (I MEAN A LOT) of issues. He is NOT easy to raise. I love him dearly but he is a struggle for us. We do our best to fix all the past and fix what the bio parents screwed up. I have a younger child I adoped and he is a normal every day child. I love both of them very much but its different (as she stated). I totally agree. It makes me sick to hear someone make a comment about aborting a child. The Bible is VERY CLEAR about people who abort. Abomination... Praise Jesus he sent us wonderful parents to raise children Bio parents screwed up their changes to do themselves. If you can't afford to keep your baby, you got pregnant by accident, yada yada yada, then you should be the one ashamed of yourself. There is no excuse for that at all.

OH PS, Ive seen plenty of pictures of Kent, he is handsome and has totally grown into a wonderful young man. They are doing a fantasic job raising him!!


Anonymous said...

((((Big Hugs)))
I am hoping Kent learned a lesson on appreciating his mom, and taking responsibility for all of his actions; good or bad. You and Clark are doing a great job raising him (Kent).
When will your Dr. write that letter? I was hoping to hear you had started IVF treatments. I can't believe the insurance co. can say with a straight face that you are no longer infertile because you had a child! Ugh.
I can ride dh like a wild pony until we win the Kentucky Derby and we still will not be able to get pregnant without help. We will always be infertile. What a slap in your face. (((big hugs)))
I know the pain you feel seeing those teenagers. I recently had a hard time hearing a neice was pregnant with her second child (different daddies) and she didn't want it, and had a miscarriage. The pain is suppose to ease with time, or so I heard. Hasn't yet here.
Keeping you and yours in my prayers. I hope Turtle is healthy soon.
Take care,
Poison Ivy

Anonymous said...

TO ANONYMOUS,(AKA walking mattress, skank, slut poodle,etc)First off, you having sex is proof that a guy will screw ANYTHING with enough liquor in 'em! (and a bag over your head wouldn't hurt either).
YOU make me sick berating this mom. Since you CHOOSE to MURDER YOUR CHILD/REN instead of taking on the responsibility of raising he/she/them, you are in no position to even phathom what a great mom (Infertile mom)is, let alone what a good mom is. Your standards are so off, murderer. Kent is two years from being a legal adult, so why shouldn't he be able to come up with a special something for his mom on Mother's Day? She has every right to be disappointed and sad. Being the great mom she is, she used this situation to lovingly teach her son a lesson. Kent is very fortunate to have Clark and her as parents. You trying to tear her a new one is just your way of coping with being a failure of a partner,your parent's child, friend, sibling and above all, a MOM! How did you explain that one to your parents? Hey, mom, dad, I just murdered your grandchild because I was too selfish, didn't bother to use protection, etc...Wow, you sure make YOUR parents proud! @@ I guess when you do decide to keep one instead of murdering them, please post what episode of Maury you will be on.(Who's the baby's daddy).
With all the crazies (you for example) online, no one should post a pic of their kids on their blogs.
Anon, go get professional help, even though you think it is so, abortion isn't a good form of birth control.
Poison Ivy

Anonymous said...

Well well Ms. I abort babies and read blogs written by women who couldnt be less like my nasty slimy self!
You have without a doubt lifted your skirt and shown the rest of the world just how immature,inconsiderate and uneducated you are in the world of families particularly families with teenage boys.
I suggest the next time you open that gawping hole you call a mouth and attack someone you chose a person that is nowhere near as literate as the owner of this blog you twat.
And I fully agree with not plastering images of Kent, Clark and even the madwoman herself all over the internet as part of her blog.Doesnt mean she loves anyone of them less...possibly just means she would prefer to protect her family from inconsequential little gossip mongering grubs like you.
Honestly I suggest you crawl back into the dark skanky cave you came from and find another blog to haunt.

Have a nice day :-)