May 21, 2008

Like a freaking Ninja....

Af that is. The crimson hag snuck up, and bitch slapped me hard in the side of the head Monday morning!!! OMG. I felt like curling into a tiny ball and crying for most of the day. The cramps and bleeding are twice as bad. How cruel is it that things are worse now that I have had a baby?? Damn!!

I am getting a little pissy because if I had heard from the clinic about the ins. co. issue then I might have actually been able to start on the BCP's, but they seem to suddenly have an issue calling me back. Prolly cuz I don't owe them any money yet. I really want to get this freaking show on the road as soon as possible, and at this rate it will be August before we get on the schedual. GAH I really do not want to have to have another Lap before I can cycle again, and if they keep moving this damn slow that is what is going to happen. I will be the dreaded 35 next month. AMA. Damn.

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