April 11, 2008

To... or Not To......

Ok, so remember that update I promised you 3 weeks ago??!! Welp here it is!!!

We are going to do an IVF cycle again in a few weeks!!!! I had my PCP put in our referral this week, and if all goes well with the Ins. Co. we should be on track for a June/July retrieval and transfer. I know, I said that Miss Turtle was prolly going to be an only bio child, but after having her and being her mommy for the last 12 weeks, I am so freaking smitten with motherhood that I HAVE to have it one more time.... if it is in the cards!! I swear being a mom is like a drug, and I am addicted!! It has been hard and challenging, but I feel so fulfilled by my new roll. I have been seeing the Psych every 2 weeks, and he seems to think that my PPD was really mild, and that it was mostly centered around my sleeplessness, hormonal changes, and being a first time mom!! I think I have to agree with him, because I have bounced back amazingly!!! (mentally, physically meaning weight wise... I am still a WRECK!!! UGH!!!) So Clark and I talked, and I told him that if we were gonna do this whole parenthood thing again, I would rather do it NOW instead of later when I am used to sleeping through the night again!! LOL Of course 2 days after I said that guess who started sleeping through the night?? Ha Ha, jokes on Mommy!! But seriously, I want to get this over with and just have my babies close together so that they can grow up together. I do have to admit that I am terrified though, because the news in the blogging world as of late with all of the losses and sick babies has me seriously thinking that maybe I am asking the Universe for way to much, and I should quit while I am ahead...... Not sure, so I will take the time before my return appointment to think it all through. Of course there is the chance that another cycle won't get me pregnant anyway... see there I go again!!!

Things here have been going a long a lot better. Turtle is doing great, a lot less fussy after bottles, and starting to grow like a freaking weed!! She is actually starting to grow out of newborn stuff!! I am a terrible mommy though, and right now she is sleeping in her swing in front of our ginormous TV!!! Hey, I take naps from her where and when I can get them so Ha!!! We are loving the funny things that she does, like smiling, OMG that is the cutest damn thing ever!!! She is trying to do things that are advanced for her age, but is behind in others, so I think she is going to keep me hopping!!! Daddy is going away for 2 weeks soon, and we will have company in the form of friends and family for the whole time, so it will be nice to have visitors, but I am sure going to miss Clark while he is gone!! He is having a hard time being away from Turtle during the day, so that trip is going to hurt him a lot.... I think he is scared that she will forget him, but I told him not gonna happen!!! She will remember him when he gets back I am sure!!!

Kent is doing ok, still struggling in school, but doing ok for the most part. He is totally in love with his little sister, and gets home ready to see her everyday. She lights up every time she sees him, and that makes me so very happy!!

Well that is it for now, I hope to start getting back here a little more often as Little Miss gets into a better schedule with eating and napping so that I can get more then 5 seconds on the computer. I hope this update finds you all well to, and enjoying spring!!!!!


Erin said...

Wow! I wish you luck--it's not something I would have been ready to do, but if the reasons are right for your family, then they're the right ones to make.

Samantha said...

Good luck with the cycle!

Kristin said...

Oh wow...congrats on your decision to try again and wishing you the best of luck.