May 28, 2008

Well Hell!!

Shit I am the worst mother on the planet!!

Turtle had her 4 month WBV today, and cranky was her middle name before she even got out of the crib this morning. She had a long night so our day didn't go well either up until the appointment. We are in the room waiting to see the doc, and we have to do the mandatory strip and weigh. Well as much as I LOVE my pediatrician, they so need to get those shitty scales updated. I get the girl naked, they weigh her, and as I lift her little feet up to slide the diaper back under her butt, she does the most amazing back bend/arch thingy, and busts her head open on the side of the scale. FUCK. Are you kidding me?? I cannot believe that I just busted my kids head open in front of a room full of nurses and doctors. I snatched her off the scale, hugged her so tight I can't believe that I didn't break her in half, then I leaned up against the wall, started bawling, and buckled my legs. I so totally SUCK!! She is fine though, not bad at all, looks like a scratch, but she is going to have a bruise. They put some of that wicked cool super glue stuff on it... Oh hell, that really didn't make me feel any better, I am still an asshole!! Then as if she needed to have insult added to injury, she got 4 shots. Crap that kid can sure change colors!!! Other then that little mishap though, things were great....

4 Month Stats

Weight- 14.2 pounds

Length- 25 & 1/4 inches

Head- 41 & 1/2 cm .... This kid has a noggin I tell ya!!!

The doc says that she is doing really well, and actually has some pretty seriously advanced motor skills. Yeah, like that back bend thing!! So other then having her first traumatic head injury, the visit went well!!

Clark bought us both bikes over the weekend and went to pick them up yesterday evening. We also got the coolest baby seat and had it attached to my bike. So, as soon as he gets home with them, he gets the Turtle and slaps the cutest helmet on her little (Big) head, and off we go!! Boy did she love that. She got over the bobble head thing after about 2 minutes though, and started screaming bloody murder. We ended up stopping and taking the helmet off. I think that it is just a tad to heavy for her little neck to manage right now, but she will wear it all the time as soon as she gets stronger. She was just to freaking cute though!!

Well it is late, and I need to recoup from my drama earlier. I think I literally almost had a heart attack.


Eliza said...

OMG you poor thing! I have three kids with everything from autism to bleeding disorders and feeding tubes, and we've wrecked many a pediatrician's office but I don't think we've ever had an actual CASUALTY!!! I think I would have done the same thing...glad to hear everything turned out okay (well, if you call taking a four-month old with four fresh stab-wounds to the thighs and a wicked headache home for evening "okay," which...yeeeeeah)...

Rachel said...

Man what a visit.

We've been trying to figure out how to take our 6 month old for a bike ride. I had no idea they still sold those bike seats. Is it hard to ride with it?

visiting from NCLM

SAHW said...

Awww...I'm sure it happens to the best of moms, at some time or another...

She is super cute!! Beautiful eyes...:)

Anonymous said...
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Deb said...

OMG you broke her head?! That is awful and (since shes ok) a little on the funny side. They do jerk around like a fish out of water when you LEAST expect it. But she will have many, many more bumps and bruises-so try real hard not to seat the small stuff.

On a happier note; she is freakin gorgeous!!! Makes me want some baby squishy lovin... but got none.

hopeful #1 said...

You daughter is stunning! Just beautiful!

calliope said...

let's hope that bubble wrap is on the list of supplies that need to be ordered by your doc's office by next visit. Sheesh! But I guess if a head wound was going to happen I can think of no better place.

But really- she should get some serious hazard pay.

Your daughter is so cute- she is like a real, live, happy face- how could you NOT want to strap her to a bike and show her off!

flashing the nacomleavmo gang symbol at you.

Sam said...

I second the bubble wrap idea, poor baby. But oh so cute. I'd bike her all around town!

Kim said...

Your daughter is just precious! I have been there! I took my middle guy to a well visit and said he had been a little irritable and wanted to be held all the time. I told him that he wasn't eating really well either. My mouth hit the floor and tears streamed down my face when I was told that my poor little guy had a fever and a pretty advanced ear infection - in both ears. Yup, I gave myself a WMOTY (worst mother of the year) award. Believe me I have more than a few! Here from NCLM!

Katt said...

Oh yeah, I think we have all been there...worst mom on the planet.

Have to say though, if you are going to crack a head open, what better place to do it huh? Save yourself a copay going to the ER! ;)

Seriously though, she is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my goodness...gorgeous!

We've talked about getting bikes, and it sounds fun, but I just can't imagine my fat a** riding on one of those little seats these days.

My boys would love it though I'm sure.