April 8, 2006

Some People.....

I have sooooo got to tell you about my night!!! We all went out to eat last night per my last entry, and since the Chinese Restaraunt is in the mall, we left there after dinner, and walked down to JCPenny's so that I could get some new jeans.... well I LOVE mens jeans, and the way they fit. So, we go over to the mens section, and I grabbed a few pairs, debated going into the fitting rooms cuz they were the Men's, but Clark told me he would watch out for me, they were in the back of the store, and there was noone around. Well when I went in there were 4 rooms, side by side with the one in the back being a big one for Handicapped people. From under the door I could see a pair of shoes, and some clothes, but there was NO noise. So, for about 20 minutes I was going back and forth trying on different styles of jeans (I am PICKY!!), and those shoes and clothes never moved. I told Clark that maybe we should say something to the store employee's just in case something was wrong. Well, when I was done (didn't get any pants UGH), I went to the closest register and told the girl what I had seen, and she called a supervisor over, we stood there while the lady went in and she knocked on the dorr... a very deep mans voice said "Just a minute" well the woman looked at me and said there are a man and a woman in there... YUP you guessed it they were in there having RELATIONS(sex)!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWW!!!!! I KNEW those weren't mens shoes, cuz they were just tiny!! I just about died laughing!!! Kent thought it was hysterical!!! I tell you the NERVE of some people!!!

Oh yeah I sooo have to go here to.... while we were eating, I saw some things that just made me ILL.... first off, I used to be overweight, and I mean FAT. I had Gastric Bypass 5 years ago, and now I am about 145 pounds.... well what in the HELL posses fat women to wear some of the crap they do??? I mean come on now!!! I NEVER, and I MEAN NEVER wore clothes that showed off my belly, were skin tight and the like when I was fat (I actually still don't), and I think that women who do that just look stupid. Clark tried to tell me that they just have really good self esteem, but I totally disagree with that, I think they are just seeking attention, and frankly that kind of attention is the kind they don't need!!! I mean it is GROSS, and not something I want to see when I am trying to eat food!!! There is nothing more unattractive then a big woman trying to fit into clothes that look like they were made to fit a 10 year old for crying out loud!!!

The other thing I saw that made me ill was 2 different women who were OBVIOUSLY VERY pregnant, and the shirts they had on were so tight I could see the babies move!! What posseses people to do shit like that??? Ok, we know your pregnant, but geez keep your fetal movements to yourself, it isn't attractive, and I found that offensive to... mind you that opinion has NOTHING to do with my infertility status, it has to do with people not being respectful of the people around them. UGH I just can't hang with crap like that!!! There are times and places where MODESTY should be the standard!!! Maybe that is why I spend so much time at home, so I don't have to see what the world has turned into with all the attention seekers running rampant!!!

After our adventures at dinner and JCPenney's, we were off to Wally World, got the things that we needed... I bought the DVD set of Narnia, because I LOVED it when we saw it a few weeks ago with Kent, so I HAD to have it!!! Clark gave Kent back his TV, stereo, books, and video games because of his report card, and I got up at 6:30 this AM to find him dressed, and ready to get his day going!! @@ Crap that kid hasn't been up that early on a weekend in MONTHS!!! I am looking forward to him spending the night away from home tonight so that Clark and I can have some ALONE time!!! Well, ok the dogs will be here still, but not the KID!! LOL

I made Clark's Andrology appointment for the 13th, so hopefully by Friday of next week, I will know where we stand with his "Boys". I am sooooo looking forward to TTC (trying to concieve) again that I just get a big grin everytime I think about it...... It has been a long road to where we are in our lives, but I am relieved in a way that we have had all this time to grow together, learn to love each other more deeply, and just spend time as a couple. I am still looking forward to the possiblity of being a "Mom", experiencing being pregnant, and all that Jazz, but I am also very aware that it might very well never happen, and that is ok to. I have already spent a lot of time grieving my infertility so I am pretty prepared for the chance that I may never have biological children, and for the most part I am ok with that. It still hurts my heart everyday that we haven't had kids, but having Kent here lessens that pain sooo much!! I just look at him everytime I think that might not be a good parent, and remember how much we have struggled with him, and how well he has done, and I know I can do it!! It will just be funny to start from "scratch" so to speak.... I have the 8-14 thing down, but younger then that is a total mystery to me!! LOL Oh well!!

I got started with the yard stuff yesterday, I had to call the utility people to come out and mark the lines, and I just KNEW the phone line was going to be all accross the front yard, and I was right, so now I have to wait until the 12th for them to come out and re-lay our phone lines... I have already called twice about them doing that in the last 3 years... when they layed it the first time instead of just going 50 feet from the box to the house these idiots ran it the whole length of the property in the front, down the driveway, around the back of the house, and then to the phone box... I don't know what that was all about because I told them then that they didn't need to do all that!!! So we should have a flat yard sometime in the next 2 weeks, and then we are gonna add the porch!! I am sooo excited for that cuz I have always wanted a house with a big porch on it!!!

Well, I guess that is all for now, I have laundry still, and other things to do outside in the back yard, cuz it is supposed to storm this afternoon, and Kent will be going to the B-day party at 3:30, and I am thinking that we should drive him to the bowling alley to save them the problem of having to do all that!!! So, off to my new day!!!

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