April 11, 2006

It Never Fails.....

Well, the old Hag showed her face a little bit today, God this sucks!!! Of course it only happened because I spent the money on a freaking test!!! Like I said yesterday, I should have know better, nothing in this part of my life is going to happen the way that it should!! Boy I tell you I had really hoped this would be it.... :o(

We had to go into town today so that Clark could meet with the DAV people about our grant for a new handicapped van for Kent, and I dropped him off and went over to the nursing home where I did my clinicals last year, applied for a job, and was hired on the spot!! I was pretty supprised to be honest, but it is just what I want 11-7, and part time. I told her that I would float to if they needed me. It isn't that we need the money, but I am going to pay for the trip that Clark and I are going to take this summer. I think that he thought I was kidding him when I told him that I was going to get a job to pay for it since he is adamant that we are going to build the porch, and not go on a trip.... So I called his bluff!!! I have orientation on Friday, and have to go get my finger prints and drug test tomorrow. It will be nice to actually feel like I am contributing again, even if it just a little bit!! I am gonna have to go get more shoes though because the dogs ate one each of the pairs that I had, so I have one green clog, and one blue clog!! LOL

After that we were off to the SPCA to get the pup back. Whe we got there we were shocked at how HUGE he was... HOLY COW!!! He is a doll. The lady who runs it said that she was so glad that we were there to take him as she didn't want to put him down.... Long story short, he is a lover, and I cannot imagine that he bit anyone!! He looks just like P, but is THIN, so we are gonna have to put some meat on those bones!! He has some behavioral issues, but with a little work he will do just fine. They didn't have him neutered like they were supposed to, so that is going to have to be done ASAP as P isn't spayed yet either. I honestly want to keep him, but I know that isn't going to happen.. maybe... I think that it is time for F and H to go back to the SPCA as I cannot seem to get anywhere with them, I am stuck, and today H walked right up to the neighbors little girl, and bit her leg... thank God she had jeans on or she would have broken the skin!! Grrrr......

My next door neighbor is selling her house and moving away, and in a way I am sad, but in another way, I am glad. She has really ditched me since she met her man, and there are to many hurt feelings to recover from. I am not the only one that she did it to, and the other person is even more hurt then I am. I take things like this hard usually, but I am just tired of people stomping on my feelings, not to mention that I knew where I stood last summer. She and I have had it out, and that is all that will be said about it from here on out, unless of course she does something mean... besides I need to make sure I get my money for the mower that I sold her!! LOL Sometimes people just don't see the truth in front of them though, and she is one of those people.

The power people never came out and marked our lines, and the phone company will be out here tomorrow to lay the new lines, so I have to get on them again in the morning. UGH They want their money on time, so why can't I get my line spray painted when I need it to be???

One spot of good news today was that Kent's new wheelchair is in, and I got him and appointment for the 28th of this month!!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD!!! Now I can get this whole DSS shitstorm behind me!!! Close our adoption here, and not have to deal with any of them for a LONG time hopefully!!! It has taken 6 months to get this damn chair, and it better be worth it!! We are gonna have to rehab the old one as a spare, since it will break down, and the other one is a rigid frame, hopefully our insurance will cover it, as I don't feel like fighting with Medicaid here for it!!

Well, I have a busy day tomorrow, and since we mowed this afternoon, and did a ton of yardwork, I am freaking beat!! Not to mention a tad bit depressed to.... So, I am gonna pop my drugs, and go to bed!!!! Crips I sound pathetic!!

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