April 13, 2006

Still Pissy.....

Well, my drug test, fingerprints, and shoe shopping for my new job are all done!! I got a fantastic deal on shoes... but of course Clark was still pissed that I spent any money!!! He kills me, he has dropped over $400 bucks this week at the John Deere store for new parts for the old mower, but I spend $111 on shoes, and scrubs, and he freaks... I saved over $108 bucks, and that seemed to make him feel a little better, but he was still Pissy about it!! Geez men and "their" money!!! UGH.

D the new/old puppy is doing ok.. he reminds me of the old comic Marmaduke... he is big and CLUMSY!!!! Geez, but he really is a Lover!!! He has been getting into the pack just fine, and the other dogs all really seem to be adjusting to having him here. HE is very interested in the cats, and the little Doxies, so that has been a little bit of an issue. He has boundless energy, and that is a little bit of a bad thing since none of our other dogs are that hyper. eith thinks that it comes from his lack of attention in his old home, and the time he spent locked up. We will probably keep him for a few weeks and work on some stuff with him before we try to find him a new home. That may be interesting in itself!! I still cannot believe that he bit someone so badly as to have caused 68 stitches... Hmm gonna have to get the story from Animal Control....

I got the test scores yesterday from the AIG testing that Kent did a few weeks ago, and I found out that AIG doesn't stand for what I thought it did... it means Academically Intellectually Gifted... Go figure I have a kid like that living in my house!!!! Clark and I are so proud of him. This is a very big deal for him and us!! I am just hoping and praying that he will keep his grades up, and all that Jazz since we gave him back his stuff. He is still resistant to the idea of camp this summer, but I am sending off the application today, I am pretty sure that he will be accepted. This will be a good experience for him, I just have to convince him of that. I have such a hard time relating this to him as he is actually very discriminating against other handicapped people, and that drives me to a level of frustration with him that borders on anger because I cannot grasp how in the hell he can be this way. I have mentioned before that he is in denial of his disability, so the Psychologist thinks that is why he acts like that. I have tried to talk to him about it, and he doesn't think that he is wrong in anyway for his feelings. I have ordered a book on trying to get him to accept things better, and I am hoping that it will really help!!

The Old Hag is playing games with me, she still hasn't come full force, and I am getting tired of the whole thing. It is like a tease. Clark is going in for his andrology appointment today, so should be getting a call some time in the next week with the results of that. After the RE gets that, she should submit our test results to the ins. company, and we will know where we stand shortly after that. I hope that they approve us, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't to tell you the truth, but hell it is an ins. company so you never can tell with them. I am curious as to what they will find, but it will probably be totally normal, and just reinforce the fact that I am the broken one!!! :o(

I have orientation for my new job tomorrow, and I am actually getting nervous!! I have always done home health, and have never worked in a nursing home before, other then my clinicals. I am looking forward to it though, so that has helped out a lot.

My neighbor sold her house the other day, so now I will be getting new neighbors at the end of next month... I just hope they are decient, because we are actually a tight knit little group on this street. We are all going to get together on Sunday to let the kids hunt eggs, and then we are goig to BBQ, that is if the weather stays nice!! I love all of the neighbors but the ones on the end!! Oh they are so very RUDE, and DISRESPECTFUL! So, I am hoping that everything will turn out nice on Sunday!!

I talked to my adoption worker, and she told me that she got the position to run the Foster Care Unit, so I am very happy and proud of her... she is a great worker, and I KNOW she will make a difference over there. I still haven't heard from anyone up there about the certified letter that I sent to the director, and the asst. never returned my call from last week. Don't know what is going on, but they better get it together before I just go ahead and retain our attorney. I have given them more then enough time to get up with me, and now all they are doing is pissing me off!! UGH

Well, I am off to my day... have to go to an appointment, and gonna have lunch with a friend!! It is a beautiful morning already, and hopefully the day will stay that way!!!! Ta Ta For Now.....

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