November 28, 2006

Did you miss me???

Well, I know I have been bad, but I sorta have an excuse... I have been really busy!! I have been trying to get in all the doctors visits that I can before the end of the year to get all caught up on our various health issues that have suffered the last few months. I want to get everything caught up so that when I cycle again after the first of the year I don't have so much on my plate.

My dad and step-mom had to cancel for Turkey Day which made me sad, but I invited a dear friend and her kids over (her DH is out on a 6 month deployment) and we had a blast. There was so much food, and it was nice having her and her girls to hang out with. They ended up staying the night that night so that she and I could make it Black Friday shopping the next morning. That went off so so as she wasn't able to get everythig that she needed, but I picked up some stuff for Kent. I decided that for the most part this year everyone is getting cookies, and I have been baking like a mad woman so I really didn't have to much shopping to do other then for the guys, and that I got done all this week either at the stores or online. I just don't know what to get people, and everyone loves cookies!!! There are some people that I got small special gifts for, but for the most part it is just COOKIES!! LOL

I went to the Doc for my annual exam on the 21st. Hmmm, I am not to sure how well he and I are going to get along, but he is just my PCP, and I need to find a GYN anyway. I wasn't really comfortable with him that is all. I guess it was the question he asked me after we had gone over my history, and then he looked at the drugs that I take, and asked me why in the world I was on Birth Control if I was trying to get pregnant... uh ok let me splain.... LOL, I have my follow up with him in the morning for the bloodwork that he took when I was there, we will see how that goes.

I have been seeing my therapist every week for the last few months, and I think that she has really helped me to start working on some things that I never even realized were there. It has been very eye opening, and I honestly hope to keep working on things with her. A lot of it has to do with how I feel about Kent, the things that he does, and how it relates to my past, and the feelings I have about it. You can't imagine what have a special needs child can make you feel at times unless you have been there, and while I try very hard to sympathize with him there are times when I feel so overwhelmed with the responsibility I feel like I might snap. That usually happens on a day when I am not feeling like dealing with the BS that he seems to only toss my way when I am lacking the patience of a saint. I know that he is 15, and that this is what they do, but I swear he knows when I am vunerable, and goes for the jugular!! We had a huge fight this week about his lying, and I flat out told him that I won't tolerate it, and that if he feels the need to keep lying to me about stupid, and I mean stupid, stuff then I will just start pulling privledges at will. So last night he lied to me about putting a cover on something that he was microwaving... Lost the Dance on Friday... OMG you would have thought I shot him!!!! Although I gave him the chance to switch it with something else today because he is supposed to take pictures for the yearbook and the newsletter that night. I told him that he would be without a stereo for the next 2 weeks, and he was like fine whatever. Boy what I wouldn't give to be so young and carefree again!!

Well, once again, it is late, I am tired, and I have an appointment in the AM, followed by lunch with my Hunny after, not to mention returning some stuff. I will try to get in a longer post about the goings on in my brain in a day or so, cuz there is a lot in there!! :o)

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