November 21, 2008

Reaching Out.... Urgent

I don't get worked up about to many things...

I mean REALLY worked up... you can stop laughing now.

A few months ago, I added a picture with a link to my sidebar. The Hailey Kent Fund website. I sent an email to Lollipop (Mel), she posted the site at the
Lost and Found.

I have gotten a few emails asking, and I had been wondering how she was doing, and how the money raising situation was going. I emailed my friend, and I received this e-mail back this morning:


Hailey is holding her own. We raised enough to have one IVF cycle and it just came back negative:( We will see what we can do from here. I pray Hailey and her family will have the strength to hold on until we have a successful IVF cycle. It is so sad and heart breaking it is hard to talk about. Thank you for asking. Hopefully there will be some great developments in the near future and I will have a wonderful update.

Now, I can tell you that since having the Turtle, my outlook on a lot of things have changed. Normally I would have frowned on this kind of a project, but not now.

Kent had Cancer. If it had taken him I wouldn't have this amazing kid in my life (yeah I know we have our moments). I cannot imagine that.

I can also not begin to imagine losing my little girl after all we went through to have her here with us. It would kill me. Literally.

I know that the Holidays are fast approaching, and the economy sucks the big one, but I am asking... no I am Begging that if you can find any way to help this family out that you do it!!!

Go over and look at her photo's and read the post. She is adorable, and I really would love to see this family get the double blessing that they are looking for, and deserve.

Most of us have been in a dark place, like they are now, and had some Angel(s) help pull us out. I think that you friends of mine out there can be just the Angels to do that for this family.

If you want to help, you can either go to the website for info, or contact me through e-mail, and I will set you up with the right people.

Let's make this Holiday season an extra special one for Miss Hailey!!!

P.S. Should you not chose to accept my challenge... I will hunt you down and make you listen to me sing Christmas Carols for hours on end..... trust me this should totally motivate you!!!! :oP~~~~~~~

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momofonefornow said...

Are they doing any kind of benefit auctions or anything. With only one income we are completely financially tapped out but I have a ton of craft stuff that I have accumulated over the years. I could sort through it and do my magic and donate an item for an auction or sale.