November 26, 2008


Ok, so I totally have found the light!!! Did you know that a doctor can tell you that your kid is great and needs no intervention, after spending less then 15 minutes with us??


Kent's kidney doc told me that yesterday when I told her that we were considering res. treatment. I am sorry you know so much more about my life with him then I do!!

I realize that these people are professionals, but I really hate it when doctors preach to me and make me feel like an ass when I know I am right, but they have MD behind their name, so they MUST be right, right??

Why is this???

I guess that my almost 10 years of dealing with this child, when you have known us for less then a year, should count for something. I wake up with him in the morning, I deal with him all day, and I put him to bed everynight. I am here, I am the one who sees what he does to himself.

I forced him to admit that he had not been taking his meds right. He was totally pissed at me, even after I explained to him that Lying to the doc doesn't hurt them, it hurts him.

He totally doesn't get it at all.

I am so over this crap.

You know the other thing that totally drives me insane?? His mouth!! OMG if I even thought about talking back like he did, my teeth would be a set of dentures. Half the time it isn't even what he says, it is how he says it, meaning tone of voice. I have explained this to him over and over.

I get it he is 17, but I think that I deserve just a tad bit more respect then he seems to feel that I do.

I am sure that you all get tired of hearing about this, but I have no place to go with this, I cannot get the docs to follow my lead, and this child will be a "Man" in less then a year.... I can't even begin to imagine the fate that awaits him should he choose to leave here next October, and go "home".

It literally makes me cry and breaks my heart all in the same breath!! I need him to know how to take care of him self, and feel confident that he will do it, and this is the only way that I can think of to bring reality to his little world. Geez, this sucks!!


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so sorry and yes, this sucks...your a great mom!

Dora said...

Really sucky. Sorry I have no answers.