May 26, 2007

Slightly Overwhelmed...

Well, I had my follow-up on Friday, and for the most part all went well. The U/S showed one very big embryo with a yolk sac. We had a really hard time seeing Twinkie #2, but she said it is still there just that she didn't want to do a lot of poking around in there which was FINE with me!!! I have still been having a lot of pain and some spotting off and on, so I am now off work indefinitely. The job is pissed, but I told the lady I am not doing anything to risk losing these babies!! I told them that we were doing IVF when they hired me, and I cannot help it that the rest of the aides that work for them suck!! I love the couple that I work with, but they are very emotionally demanding, and draining, even though I only work 3 hours a day it feels like 10 by the time I leave!!! So they are upset to because they told me that they just KNEW that when I got pregnant I was going to abandon them... I had told them at the time that being pregnant wasn't going to stop me from working, and barring any unforeseen circumstances that I would be with them until I delivered. Well, since all that has changed now, they are making me feel very guilty, and I really hate that. I feel like shit about leaving, but then I am not going to lose the one thing in the world that I have tried so hard and so long for!! In a way it pisses me off that they would all put them selves before the lives of my children, and it seems rather selfish if you ask me!!

Thursday was a really bad day here in the Infertile house because one of our "babies" was sick, so I rushed her to the vet to find out that she had pancreatitus, and would have to stay over night. Now I raised this little one (OK not so little she weighs 110 pounds) since she was 24 hours old, and she has NEVER been away from home. Leaving her was very hard, but the vet said that we caught it before it got to bad which was a good thing. When he called me Friday morning he told me that she could come home later that afternoon. When we got there he told us that she was a very smart girl... when they put her in the kennel Thursday, within minutes, she had figured out how to open the door, and was trying to get out every time they weren't looking. When they left for the night they put some blankets in for her and decided to bungee cord the door shut just in case... Well, when they came in the next morning she had ripped out her IV, tore every blanket up, opened the door, and shoved the blanket through it trying to get out!!! He said it was the funniest thing that he has ever seen, and that she just gave him the biggest sad eyes and sigh when he walked in and saw her!!! He sent her home with us Friday afternoon on some special food ( 60 bucks all total) and 3 different medications.. poor baby!!!

Pregnancy issues:

Are we supposed to pee this freaking much?? OMG, I need a toilet connected to my ass!!! Just kidding, I know we pee this much, but it is getting pretty irritating running to the bathroom all the time!!!!

I have boobs!! I lost them after I had Gastric Bypass, but the girls are alive and well again!!!

OHSS when you are pregnant SUCKS!!!!! I have issues eating most anything because of the swelling, so I know I am starving, but eating just makes me miserable. The bloating is almost as bad as it was with my last cycle... My size 10's (which were way to big) are now to tight for my rapidly expanding belly, so I went and bought some Large men's Boxers from Wally World today, and I am now in heaven!!!!

Constipation has reached an interesting point... it is parked right in the middle of my colon, and REFUSES to move, even Colace and Metformin every day isn't helping much... I swear I already know what it is going to feel like to give birth!!!

Exhaustion has also hit a whole new level, I mean really, I need 2 to 3 naps a day just to make it to bed by 9 PM. Clark thinks I am yanking his chain that I am really that tired... LOL when I fell asleep at the computer yesterday afternoon he finally believed me!! BTW, drool can ruin a keyboard, not to mention the marks the keys will leave on your face!!!

Now mind you these aren't complaints, just observations from a first time pregnant person!! Good thing my SIL sent me Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy, I laughed so hard at the RE's office yesterday I got a few dirty looks!! But, if you haven't read it yet, you HAVE to get it, she is sooooo funny, Raw to the core, but funny!!

My next U/S is scheduled for the 4Th of June ( our 13Th wedding anniversary) and I am so looking forward to it. I will be 6 weeks 6 days, and am hoping to see those little hearts just fluttering away!! I am off to bed for the night, I hope that you all have a fantastic Memorial Day!!!


Samantha said...

You can complain all you want about pregnancy, just because you got there doesn't mean it's an easy ride from here on out!

I'm sorry you had to stop working. That must have been a tough decision. It's touching on the one had that your client liked you so much, but it's too bad they couldn't express it in a nicer way! You were as upfront with them as you could be so, so don't feel guilty.

I hope your OHSS does get too bad, at least you are still peeing, that is a good sign!

Anonymous said...

Tell Clark that the Mayo Clinic compares the first trimester of pregnancy to running a triathalon EVERY DAY! And, you have 2 in there. You have every right to be that tired. {{{Hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

NOOOOO Pushing when your can cause 'issues'... tell your job O WELL...14 years of wanting a baby, wanting to get prego, no job is worth the fight or aggravation surely.

hang in there and keep me updated
Lisa (Lth4)

Heidi said...

I worked at a hospital when I was pregnant with my IVF baby, and they gave me such a hard time when I took leave when I was spotting. You would think that employers in the health care area would be more caring, but it seems just the opposite. Don't think twice about doing what you need to take care of yourself and your babies!