May 5, 2007


Whew!!! Well I am so glad that is over!! Transfer went great!!! It was really awesome this time as Clark got to go in with me!! When the RE got there he came into the room and said "You ready to get Pregnant??" I told him of course I was!! He said that we had a 7 cell and a 6 cell that were the best of the 6. I was a little disappointed because I expected them to be a little better, but oh well. When we got in the room, and they got me all ready, they told me to look up at this TV screen that was hanging on the wall, and there before my eyes appeared 2 perfect little embryo's!! That was so amazing!! I actually cried!! The guy from the lab came out and pointed at the bottom one and said that is your 7 cell, and the top one is your 8 cell... uh I thought that we had a 7 and a 6, but he said that the 6 cell had divided 2 more times since 7am, and it was only 8:20, so that I am sure is going to be a keeper!!! So they transferred them, and we got the all clear... stayed on my back for an hour, and came home where I have been resting since we got here. My RE wants me inactive for 3 days just in case I start to show signs of OHSS, which at this point I haven't, but you never know!!

Clark held my hand through the whole thing!! It was just so amazing I cannot begin to tell you!! We gave them nicknames again this time... Starsky and Hutch!!! Clark wanted Mork and Mindy, but that seemed just a little goofy to me... so my mom said well then are you hoping for both to be boys, and I said no, but Starsky and Hutch were fighters, and that is what I want these 2 little ones to be!!!

Well off to enjoy some more back breaking bed rest!! Thanks for all the well wishes, they mean the world to me!!!

(Oh yeah, and for those who don't know, PUPO means Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!!!)


DD said...

Starsky & Hutch! That's great.

You sound much more comfortable this time around. I wish you the best of luck.

Pregando per il bambino said...

Best of luck! I can't wait to read updates on this. :) Take it easy.

cpl160 said...

I'm praying so hard for ya girl!!!! I want this to work for you as badly as you do :-)


Samantha said...

Two embies! I hope they'll be keepers. Are you able to freeze the others?

Anonymous said...

Keep praying and keep your faith in the man above... **HUGS** We are praying for you also!


singletracey said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing.. I am a day ahead of you (had my transfer on the 4th).

Good Luck