May 13, 2007

Trying to stay Positive....

I know it has been forever, but last week was so flipping busy that I have just now had a chance to get a few minutes to sit and let you know how things are going. I went back to work Monday, had a lot of cleaning to do, along with trying to keep from moving to fast, the cramps were killing me. I will confess that I have been testing every morning with Doll*r Tr*e tests, and have not been happy with them at all!! The first few, I know I got evap lines, but the last one this AM I could actually see before the 10 minutes had come, so I don't know what in the hell to think. I was hoping that the first few had been right, and that they would keep getting darker, but we have been on the faint line road for 4 days now, and there doesn't seem to be any chance of them getting darker. I am not supposed to do my Beta until Friday, and I may just crack before then!! Clark was mad when he found out I was taking them at all, he asked me why I like to torture myself, because we both know how I get, but seriously, it is like a train wreck, how can you not look???? You look hoping that someone made it out alive, and that is just what I am doing and hoping for!! I am not feeling it though, I guess it is because I know that any symptoms that I am having are just the Prom*trium at work, and not necessarily an embryo snuggling in. As of this morning, Mothers Day no less, I am only 9dp3dt, but I would have thought I would have seen some sign of them being alive in there by now..... Maybe, Maybe Not.

I spent the last two days of this past week in teenager hell. I went on the trip that I mentioned before with Kent and the kids in Beta Club. OMG I cannot remember being that off the wall as a teen, but then this is a different time. We spent the first half of Thursday in the bus, went to the National aquarium in Baltimore, and then attended an Orioles game that night. When we got to the hotel, and I was very unimpressed with the fact that we were not put in to a handicap room, as we should have been, but we made due. Friday it was up really early again, and off to Washington D.C. where we hit Arlington National cemetery, a mall downtown for lunch, toured Capitol Building, and did a drive by of a few sites then off to home. I was very upset most of Friday because the teacher who was in charge kept complaining that I was moving to slow, and that I wasn't keeping track of Kent very well. HA!!!!!! I wasn't going to walk fast only a week after transfer, it was hot, and I swore to Kent that I would let him enjoy this trip with his friends without being in his face all damn day. I finally had words with her when we stopped for dinner because I was frankly tired of her mouth. I had gotten pretty pissed off at the Capitol Building because I dropped my glasses and broke them, and I was thinking that Clark was going to have to come to the school get us. So by the time she asked me what my problem was when we stopped for dinner, I was through, and I gave her a right royal piece of my mind. I ended up calling Clark and telling him that I was gonna be OK to drive home and that he should just head to bed, because frankly I thought that he was going to beat her ass for being so damn insensitive. That is how you know your husband loves you ladies... When he is willing to beat the hell out of an old lady who offends you!!! :o)

Saturday I woke up in so much pain from all the walking that we did the day before... I had blisters on my feet, and my calves felt like they were in a constant cramp... UGH!! I needed to get my glasses fixed though, so I took Kent and 2 of his friends to the mall, got my glasses fixed there, bought a new pair of Nike walking shoes, a really cute pair of sandals, and left the boys there. Went to Targ*t for toilet paper, came home and fell into bed!!! Kent got home late last night, and I was a little irritated because they were supposed to have been home by 6... Oh well.

This morning so far has been nice. Kent got me the Birth Stone Baby that I wanted with his birthstone in it, and Clark got me a Yanke* Candle. They both also got me really cute cards!!! The funny thing about what Kent got me is that I have wanted one every since we adopted him in 2005, and this time I told both of the boys that I left him at the mall with what to tell him to get me, so I already knew what it was, but it was special just the same!! Sure beats the John Deere Oil Filters I got last year!!!

So that is where I stand right now, trying to stay positive, and despite all the crap that went on over the trip, I had fun. I am just praying that my legs will stop hurting by tomorrow so I can go to work!!


Samantha said...

Things are still pretty early to be testing, but I hope the faint line is a good sign of things to come!

I hope you got to enjoy a few sights, even with the aggrivations on the trip. Happy Mother's Day!

Kris said...

It is early for the testing. I'm hoping all goes well with the beta.

Yeah, with boys I think you really have to drop those hints. Glad you got the gift you wanted.

Anonymous said...

What did the teacher say when you told her how you felt and how was she the rest of the time?

Good luck friday