May 2, 2007

Long two days....

Well, I am finally feeling up to writing again. Boy the drugs that they gave me this time did a number on my system!!! I have literally been sleeping almost the last 36 hours since retrieval!! Everything went really good yesterday. We got there right on time, and got ready right away. The whole thing was nicer due to the fact that my RE's office now has their own IVF suite!! Clark was with me, and we had a lot of fun before the big event, we were teasing with the nurses and everything!! At one point we overheard the guy from the andrology lab come get the husband in the room next to us, and when he told him that he was there for his contribution, the guy had no idea what he was talking about!! The poor guy from the lab lowered his voice and said... "you know your sperm." Clark and I got a little giggle out of that!! So, when the guy came back for Clark and told him that he was there for his contribution, Clark stood up pulled out his wallet, and asked the guy if 5 bucks was good enough!! We all laughed at that one!! Clark is to funny!! He really likes to see people laugh and to break the ice when there is a cute way to do it!!

The only really bad thing that happened was when the anesthesiologist came in to see me, and was looking in my mouth, you know the say ahhh and all that crap, well she says hey what is wrong with that tooth, and shoved her fingers in my mouth, busting up the corner of my lips!! To top if off, she didn't have any gloves on either!!! I was so pissed, I told her that she hurt me, and she just said well I can't have your teeth falling out on me... Uh ok, it is a spot on the front of my tooth where I have a cavity and need to have a filling, not like it is going to make the whole tooth fall out!!!

The retrieval went really well, and I woke up right away after. Before we left they told me that we got 29 eggs!!! Wow!!! I also asked her what my E2 level had been on Monday, and the nurse told me 5675!! That freaked me out a little because of the whole OHSS thing, but she told me that due to the fact that it shot up after the Overad*l injection, I should avoid the OHSS beast this time!! I really hope so!! The rest of the day I just cat napped off an on, and went to bed early because the pain meds made me pretty goofy!!

This morning I got the fert report, of the 29, 14 were mature, they ICSI'd all 14, and as of 8 AM we had 6 beautiful embies who were dividing nicely!!! The other 8 were "thinking" about it. She said they had fertilized, but weren't moving very fast yet. So all in all, I am a little disheartened. I was shocked that more of them weren't mature since I went so long on meds this time, and I guess a little upset that the fert rate wasn't higher then it was with the ICSI, but I am trying with everything that I have to stay positive!!

I stayed home from work today because I just wasn't feeling 100%, I am still very tired, and Clark and I think that it has to be the drugs that they gave me... I have to admit it was nice to just have the house all to myself for lots of quiet time!!!

I will be having my transfer at 7 AM on Friday morning, so hopefully everything will go well, and in just 2 days I will have 2 little embies nestled in for the long haul!! I am gonna go to bed, I am still almost to tired to type!!!


Pregando per il bambino said...

Best of luck on Friday! I hope all goes well, and that you can wake up enough to feel normal soon!

Samantha said...

I know it's tough to have that many eggs collected! It's good they gave you lots of pain meds. I know the number of embies you got is lower than what you hoped for with that many eggs, but I'll keep my fingers crossed you have some good ones growing! Stay feeling good and hope all goes well for the transfer.

DD said...

Since you have 6 that are off to a great start, they will probably all look good on Friday. Good luck!