March 9, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Ok, here it is Thursday, and I have been trying to get back for days....My new meds are reaking havoc on my system.. eat and sleep... the only two things that I have ANY interest in!! The sleep isn't that big of a deal, but the eating part is gonna drive me insane, 10 pounds in a week is NOT my idea of "mild weight gain". But I swore to myself that I am gonna stick this out, and I am!!! At least until I hit 20 pounds gained, then ALL BETS ARE OFF!! :o) So here is my week up til today...Monday: Boy I was hot on the phone today... called the Clinic, and no Dr. G isn't there anymore... damn I loved that guy, so I call the ins back ask if that is an issue.. nope just have to change to a doc that is there, I guess they fall under a "blanket" as long as they are a part of the practice, then I can see them !! WOOHOO, so I am proud to announce that I have an appointment to develop a "Difinative Game Plan" on the 15th of March!! I am going to see a doctor that I actually know as she was the one who did some of my tests the last time I was there, and she worked very closely with Dr. G on my case. So I am counting the days until I go back!! The only problem we may have is the "swimmer" testing... I remember what Dr. G wanted, and I am sure that Dr. B will want the same one, so now it is just a matter of getting it done right... if the Clinic does it in their lab we have to have a fertility referral for Clark. It is a more specialized test then just counting the little buggers... they actually LOOK at them for deformities, the direction they "swim", and how many of them are actually alive... bizarre I know, but hey I already know my Ovaries are on the blink, so I don't think that this test will make much of a difference, but it will be nice to know, and get it out of the way!! The only problem is how the test is ordered, if the Jones does it we will have to do the referral, but if our PCP orders it, and LabCorp will do it then we won't have to juggle paperwork. I am just hoping that we will get everything we need to get a green light from the ins. company. I already know that if everything is ok with the "Boys" then I will be having surgery, just routine to take a look see and check to make sure there isn't something other then the PCOS goingon in there, and it will be done laproscopicaly, so not a big deal at all. So that is all for now on the infertility front. Tuesday I had an appointment with my new therapist, and it went well. I am still struggling with the new meds, and I let her know that. I felt like a blathering Idiot when I was there though cuz I took the AM dose before I went to see her, and I SWEAR I had to have sounded like I was HIGH!! I so hope that she doesn't think I was, and I am going to explain that to her when I see her again... not a good way to start out with her huh??!! LOL The only thing was I had already had a bad day by the time I went to see her, so when she asked me about major loses in the family that have affected me, I started crying and told her yes, my Grandmother, I really do miss her more then words can say!! I was in a very vulnerable spot and wasn't expecting that question at all... so it knocked me down a peg!! I really like her though, and I think that she is going to be great for me! After I left there I went and had lunch with my sweetie pie... you know Clark!! :o) I always enjoy our time alone, and he just has this way of making things all better!! Besides I LOVE those hugs, and there is NO better antidote for a tuff day!! It was just a quiet night after all that though. Wednesday: Was a quiet day, Clark was sick, but still went in for half of the day... since he will be gone for 2 weeks he doesn't want to leave everyone else with a ton of work to do... isn't he just to sweet??? I am so gonna miss him!! So here it is Thursday morning, and I have been working at this entry forever... having a little bit of a Cyber War with some really intelligent (HA HA) people about raising special needs kids, and foster/adopt kids... boy there are some seriously nasty people in this world...On another note it is supposed to be nice here this weekend, so I have been INFORMED that we will be doing yard work this weekend... UGH not that I mind the mowing, it is the picking up all the crap the dogs have drug around the yard all winter that I am not looking forward to!! Not to mention that I would love to just lay around and cuddle with Clark before he abandons me!! So I am off to find out what things that used to be in the house made their way out of the house, and will be on the way to the dump this weekend!!! So I will be back later to let you know how this day went!! :o)

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