March 19, 2006

I found the floors!!!!

He He He... I finally found the floors in my spare bedrooms.... I started on Friday evening, and was pretty well into it when I had to stop because I was just beat around 11:30. As most of you know we have a 4 bedroom house, and since Kent is the only rug rat we have then there were 2 extra rooms for me to trash!! I am a pack rat by birth (Thanks Mom) and I cannot believe the crap I found!! I have a pile of stuff to haul to the dump later today that is about 6 feet high, along with some yard sale stuff!! The Man of the house will be so proud when he gets home!!! So I have the back bedroom all cleaned out for a new little one should that day come, and then my Craft/storage room has been pretty well organized!!! I am very proud of myself to because I hadn't and the desire or the energy to do ANYTHING with them until I got on these new Meds... Dr. P is a GOD!! I think it was the meds... or it could have been the threat that Clark made about backing the truck up to the windows and tossing it all out!! Hmmmm either way I got it done!! Yay Me!!! The fur babies have soooo been missing their daddy this week!! I think Bella is the worst, she needs freaking Prozac I'm telling ya!!! Tater has become the guardian of the mommy, and the food bowl... Crap you would think we never feed them!!! Our two foster mutts Frito and Honey have become every shoes worst enemy... they have eaten 5 pairs of shoes with the last being a $50 pair of my nursing clogs!! So I have to do a shoe round-up every night before bed, and during the day several times!! They even tried to steal the slippers right off my feet the other day!! I am sooo ready for Friday to get here to see my honey, only 5 more days to go!! I cannot tell you how I have missed him!! It feels like he has been gone an eternity!! We talk on the phone every night, but it isn't the same at all!! At least Kent has been minding his manners with Mom a little better since dad has been gone!!! I think that he realizes that the Jig is up, and Dad meant business when he grounded him this last time. He moped around the house most of the weekend because there was a dance Friday night that he wasn't allowed to go to... when I asked him if there was a dance he says to me "Yeah there is, but I knew I couldn't go so there was no point in me even mentioning it to you!!" Ahhh he IS learning!!! I know that he knows how much we love him, but he is at that golden transitional age right now!! Boy do I remember 14!! I tell him that I remember 14 so well that is why he CANNOT get anything over on me!! I stored it just for days when I had a 14 year old of my own!!!! He He He.. Poor kid!!!! My mom and I have been spending a lot of time talking about the AAT diagnosis that she got last summer, and the fact that she isn't doing well as far as liver function. We were talking yesterday morning about my grandmother's passing, and we both were crying, because we know what is to come will be the same for her as it was when Gma was sick 10 years ago. I guess that I just get scared, because I KNOW there are hard times to come, and I can only PRAY that she will stay healthy for years to come. I know that she feels bad that I came back as a carrier of the phenotype for it, and even though the likelihood of me developing the disease is small it is there. I tried to tell her that I am not mad at her for anything at all, it is just there, as long as I know that it is there, and can take the steps that I need to in my life to keep from getting sick then that is all that matters. I actually worry more about her because I know from researching this what is coming, and I am soooo not ready to face this at all.... My grandmother died 10 years ago this winter, and I was totally devastated. She was only 58, and my mom will be 50 in May. I can only hope that with all of the information that I have sent her that she will be knowledgeable enough to make the changes that need to be made so that she can be here for years to come. She is very smart, and I know she is gonna do it!! Well, hell now that I have myself worked up to tears, I guess I better close this out, and get back to work on getting the house in order!!! There is a stack of dishes calling my name, and 2 trips to the dump in the days plans!! Oh the joys of being me!! LOL :o)

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