March 16, 2006

Back in the Stur-ups again!!!!

Ok first things first... Clark is in GA for 2 weeks, he left on Sunday :o( I have had a few very busy days here trying to get some things handled with DSS. Ok here is the deal...... We finalized our adoption Months ago.... The last time I saw my DSS worker was last June... well since September I have been calling them to try to get a visit, and when I called the first time I was told that our old worker wasn't there anymore, and that they would have to get us a new worker... ok.... fast forward to December, 3 phone calls later, and I still don't have a new worker. January, still nothing. So now Feb. hits, and my adoption worker is getting antsy cuz DSS still hasn't closed our adoption, and they cannot close out anything there until they do. So I call, Nothing. Finally I went into the DSS office on the 3rd of this month, told them what was up, and even made a snide little remark about knowing how the media feels about "lost" kids in the foster system ( I couldn't help it!! I swear!!). So the worker says I will have the director call you first thing Monday, that being the 6th.... well did you guess??? I still haven't heard ANYTHING!!! So today I decide to break out the big guns and call the head Interstate office... Well, as soon as the woman realized that I was telling her that DSS here was screwing up she got downright SNOTTY!! Told me that she would make some calls, but that she had an important meeting, and would get to it after lunch, and call me back by 4. Well the phone never rang. UGH I am getting the cold shoulder from my adoption worker now for whatever reason, so I am getting no where! I cannot switch any of his services here or enroll him in medicaid. I mean you would think they would love to get him out of the "System" Crap I am so frusterated that no one seems to want to help, or that they even care that he hasn't been able to get the stuff that I need for him. I tell you guys I will NEVER do an Interstate adoption again!!! Hmm can ya tell I am just a tad irritated?? Kent has been behaving so so since Clark left, lots of attitude, but then I remember that when I was 14 to... had to throw as much attitude out there as I could get away with!!! He told his GrandMa (my mom) on the phone the other night that the reason he is failing Science is because of the Hottie that is sitting next to him!! @@ He said it is the Hormones making him not be able to pay attention!! I cannot believe that came out of his mouth.... ok I can he is OUR son after all!! :o) Now on to something very exciting in the World of this Infertile Mad Woman......I had an appointment with my new Reproductive Endocronologist (laymans terms, the fertility doc, and to save space from here on out the "RE") yesterday!!!! So I Knew the RE I was going to see, she used to be the assistant to my old RE, and she was actually the one who had done my last HSG(Look at the tubes and uterus). We talked about all the new developments since I was last there.. My moms liver disease, and that I carry the gene for it, the Metformin level that I am on, LUFS, and the psych meds I am on, and that I think I have thryoid problems.... then she shocked me and asked me what I WANTED TO DO??!! @@ I have never had an RE ask me what I wanted to do.... well as much as I would love to just jump right to IVF (been at this for almost 14 years) I told her and she agreed that the Clomid worked ok for me last time, and that now I am on Met. that I felt comfortable starting out with 3 cycles of Clomid @ 50mg. She agreed, told me that my HSG was great, so she didn't feel the need for a Lap(exp. surgery) like the other RE has said, and we went in to get a look at those Ovaries.... Right one is covered with follies, almost 20 of them, but as is very common with PCOS, not a dominant one to be found!!! So then we go searching for the left one (it likes to hide) and it was sitting behind my uterus with one little follie that we could see... that is the side that my tube looks like a corkscrew on!! It was pretty funny that she actually remembered that when I asked her about it... My lining was very thin, so she said she didn't see that I was gonna O (ovulate)any time soon :o( Yesterday was CD 11 (cycle day) so there is that wonderful PCOS again..... So... The "GamePlan" is that we will start with OI (Ovulation Induction) and IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) for 3 months, and then on to other things.... the best part was that she asked me if I wanted to be in a clinical trial that they are doing just for OI, all the drugs will be covered, and then I will get some $'s off of the cost of my office visit!! Our insurance covers Clomid/IUI and Injects/IVF, and only in that way... so if she does move me onto injects and IUI then at least the drugs will be free. Our ins. also does IF(Infertility) stuff at a flat 50% except for meds, so she told me that they will do the clinical $'s off my 50%!! So all I have to wait for is Clark to get back from GA, and go give them some "boys", so that she can submit the letter and findings to the ins. for final approval. In the mean time I just sit here and wait for AF..... she did me provera though if I got to far out CD wise (My last cycle was 56 days) and wanted to take it!! So that is it, I am sooo excited to finally be moving in a forward direction again!!! I have to go see the Psych today, for a med check, and it has been a hard 2 weeks, but to be totally honest with you I am feeling better everyday, I can actually "feel" my motivation coming back. Maybe I will get both of my spare bedrooms cleaned out before Clark comes home after all??!! LOL Gosh I miss him!! It is so weird not having him here... nothing like when he was in the Navy though, cuz we talk on the phone everynight, but it is still hard to think of him all by himself :o( LOL At least I have 8 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, 2 hermit crabs, and a fish to keep me company... Oh yeah I ALMOST forgot Kent to!! He He He Trust me he never lets me forget he is here!!! LOL Well I am off to the day I have ahead!! Sorry that it took me so long to get caught up again!!

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