March 5, 2006

First day of the rest of my Life....

Well yesterday I got our referal letter from the insurance company back to the Jones Ins. for fertility treatments. The letter has come with mixed feelings and emotions to say the least!! The problems with Kent's behavior have made me doubt wether or not I want a biological child. I just get scared when it is in writing to now, because I am older then I was when we first started trying, and I have seen quite a few friends nearer my age have a lot of issues with pregnancy. I am going to try to be as brutally honest as I can here in this journal about a lot of things, and I plan on being very open to any comments as long as they aren't outright threatening or attacking me!! If you get a link to my journal and don't want to read it then don't!! his is going to be all about Me, Clark, Kent and our lives together!! So be prepared for honesty!!

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