June 27, 2008

Which do you think I am???

**Advance Warning.... I am really freaking pissed off, so this may or may not make a whole bunch of sense. **

A) A bitter, nasty infertile woman who will throw a tantrum at the drop of a hat to get what she wants...


B) An infertile woman who just turned 35, has 6 months of insurance left, and really just wants to get the clock in her body to stop ticking so loudly, by doing an IVF, and possibly getting PG????


C) Totally Heartless Bitch

So here is the deal, I have been in touch with the RE's office since April about getting the paperwork that I needed so that we could cycle again. Been through the ringer with them, and WeSuck Ins. Co., but thought that I had finally gotten the show on the road when I posted a few weeks ago about starting another cycle... Boy was I wrong. After talking back and forth between the clinic and WeSuck I finally ended up finding out what I needed from the RE, to get this party started. I called and talked to the Business Mgr. about it and told her what was up. She and I are friendly, and she told me that she had been having a serious family issue going on, her father was very ill, and dying. She told me that things there had been hectic and hard with the office doing clinical trials and her having to take so much time off, but that she was going to put a sticky note up and talk to Dr. B about the whole thing the next day. This was in early May. So, I waited, waited, and waited some more. I finally decided that enough was enough and called the office on Wednesday. I was told that the Bus. Mgrs. father had in fact passed away, and she was out on personal leave. The girl I talked to was going to find out if the authorization had been submitted, and call me back on Thursday. She didn't. I call the office again yesterday AM, and the girl I talked to on Wednesday wouldn't even get on the line, she had the other operator tell me that I was being a little pushy, and that the Bus. Mgr. would call me Monday. HUH???

So, I took it upon myself to call WeSuck and ask if there has been any paperwork submitted by the RE's office, and they tell me that "No, there is no paperwork for infertility pending. We have received nothing from Dr. B.." HUH?? WTF??

Now, I suppose this is where I go heartless. This is one of the most sought after clinics in the World, so, do you honestly mean to tell me that one person being out for personal reasons is bringing this place to its freaking knee's??? I cannot believe that there is only one person there who can do this simple task. I have to tell you that I honestly am beginning to feel like they don't want to help us again, and if that is the case, then I will gladly take my money elsewhere. I started talking to them about doing another cycle the first day of April about for crying out loud, so it isn't like this is new news to them.

I am not sure if this is the Universe talking or what, but I feel like I am going to loose my damn mind over this. I need to do this NOW, not when they get around to calling me back. I am pretty sure AF is coming in the next few days, and if they put me off any longer it will be September before I can cycle. At that rate I will only be able to cycle maybe once before the end of the year. Should the first cycle not work, we will be SOL because as I stated above, we are dropping WeSuck the first of the year, and none of our other options covers any treatments. Am I being mean and heartless for expecting that there should be another person handling her responsibilities, especially since she and the clinic had known this was coming?? I know it is hard on her personally, and my heart goes out to her, but what about the business aspect for the clinic??

UGH......... I am just over this shit, I never had one single problem with them before I got PG with Turtle, and had been going there off an on for almost 12 years. I feel sort of like a jilted lover I guess, like I am old news....


Deb said...

girl i am over it too and its not even me. you are not being heartless, but it is time for you to be a hard ass. yes ma'am HARD ASS. yell at whomever you need to yell at in that funkin office and make it happen - fuck em if they dont like it. what do you care - you dont want to be their buddy - just get pg. let me know if i need to knock any heads around - cause you know i will

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with you sweetie. While my heart goes out to the business manager, the busines they're in is extremely time sensitive and waiting around for "one" person to get their life back on track could certainly screw up the lives of many other people! You have a right to be a little peeved! Good luck!