June 12, 2008


So, Clark has had to stay home with the Turtle for the last 2 days!! If that wasn't the Universe speaking to him loud and clear!!!

I started feeling kinda icky on Tuesday afternoon, and by nighttime I was a mess. Migraine, sore throat, muscle aches, fever of 102.4, the whole 9 yards.

Wednesday morning when he got up for work, I told him he might as well come back to bed because I was going to go to the doctor, and he was going to have to stay home with the Boy and the Girl. Our regular doctor is on vacation, so I went to Doc-in-a-Box. Some sort of viral infection, and I need to stay away from the girl, so he has to stay home today to. Not that I think he really minds. She has shown her colors, although they are not the colors that she shows me everyday. She was so well behaved for him yesterday it almost made me mad!! :o) I mean really, how am I supposed to get my point across when she acts like an angel when her daddy is home??!!

Kent is out of school and already driving me nuts.... he just sits and stares at me all day long, it can get really unnerving when you have someone hoover over you all day long. UGH. We have told him that he really needs to get out and get a J.O.B. but I think that he is SOL, cuz he only wants to work at Game stores, and they really aren't hiring anymore. He is a little pissed because he isn't going to get to take driving lessons this summer, but I have NO SYMPATHY, we told him that good grades this year would get them, and he bombed, so it is a no go. Of course we are just so unfair, because all of his friends will be driving come next year.... yeah and??? We let him start doing this.....

And it takes him almost 3 hours to mow 1/2 an acre because he can't keep it in a straight line, and he refuses to follow his dads instructions on how to cut the most grass the fastest. (it only takes Clark 2 hours to mow our 2 acres, and the neighbors 2 acres) That being said, if he can't control the lawnmower, then I am NOT putting him behind the wheel of a three thousand pound vehicle, so he can kill himself or someone else!!! UGH, so needless to say this may be a LONG summer!!!

Well the Tylenol 3 for my migraine is kicking in, and I am ready to take a nap!! Thanks for all of your comments on my last post, I really do think that it is amazing that he loves his daughter so much, but I need to feel that he loves me just as much. We talked about it, and he said he does love me a lot, but that it is different then the love that he has for her.... Maybe he can explain it better to me someday, but until then, I guess I will always be a little jealous.


SAHW said...

It's funny, because after reading your last post, I asked my DH, if we ever have the baby, who would you love more, me or him/her? And he turned it on me, so when I paused to think for a minute, he was like "seee...you won't love me as much anymore!" We were just joking around...but I am sure there is some reality to mixed up feelings and displaced feelings afterward. Just try to think of it as different love - he can't possibly love his daughter the same way he loves you - it's different types of love.

Kristin said...

Feel better soon. There are some nasty nasty viruses going around.

Deb said...

Oh sweetie, sounds like you got it bad. Sorry your feelin so puny. I know what you mean though, it would have been great if Turtle could have sprouted her horns at least a little bit. The critter.
Good job sticking to your guns with the Kent too. You got both worlds going on there - real baby and teen baby. Teens are fun (if your into the sado massochistic (sp) kinda fun)
Here's a bright note - it does get better ... when they move out (lol)
(Talking about the teen of course not the turtle)
Hope you feel better!!

Kim said...

Why do they never act up when others are around? Where are the screaming fits for Dad! Ugh! Hope you are feeling better. NCLM