June 17, 2008

Playing catch up....

Damn, being sick will really slow you down!! Things have been really hectic here in the house for the last few days, and for now Turtle is napping and letting me have 5 minutes of sanity!! I am still not feeling well, and now I think the Turtle is getting sick, she has been running a low grade fever the last few days. I am hoping that it is simply teething or something simple along those lines, as tyl*nol helps to bring it right down.

There are a few things I want to chat about......

NY Times Well Blog

This site is linked to an article that ran in the New York Times, and I cannot believe that people are this freaking upset with Infertiles!!! I have never come across this kind of hatefulness and blatant ignorance to be honest with you. I have only been met with curiosity, and yeah some assvice, but never the likes of these people!! Holy Cow. I just want to say for the record that as much as I love Kent, the SHIT that we went through with DSS adopting him and trying to adopt other kids was more then I even came close to going through with IF treatments. There is nothing easy or altruistic about adopting, in fact I think it takes more courage to adopt then to do IF treatments. Either way, I was just shocked at the vehemence of some of the respondents, unreal.

That aside, I was stunned to open my blogs last night to see this amazing post!!! I am so thrilled for this amazing woman, she has been through hell and she totally deserves this so much!! Go over and give her some love!!!

Southern Infertility

So, this weekend I was invited to a Tim McGr*W concert with a very dear friend. Let me tell you, I really don't have an issue with people drinking at these venues, but I really wish that if people know that the person they are bringing is not only a drunk, but a RUDE drunk.... Don't freaking bring them. The people sitting behind us spilled a beer all over the concrete early on, and it got all over the back of my legs, and the bag that had my new concert shirts in it. I tolerated that, accidents happen. However, about an hour later, and God knows how many drinks the ass jumps up in the air to let out a holler during a song, and I get 90% of his "soda" over the top of my head. My eye instantly starts burning, and I lick the "soda" off my lips... yeah ok, it was almost straight liquor. So, I turn around to look at the offending jack ass, and he laughs right at me, and says "My Bad". Ya think asshole?? It was honestly no big deal to this man that I was now covered in his drink, smelled like a brewery, and was about 2 centimeters away from kicking his ass!!!! He never did apologize, and I turned to the woman next to him and asked if I was going to have the pleasure of sitting in front of them for the rest of the season, and she every so snottily replied "Yep, You sure are." to which I responded, "Fine because I am sure that the park would like to know that you are sneaking liquor in." Shit changed really quick then, her husband comes down and was all about how there was no need to get hostile about this, and how sorry he was, YEAH WTF EVER!!!! Your not the one that has to smell like this, and then drive an hour and a half home, praying the dumb ass backwoods cops don't pull ya over for any stupid reason!! I mean the smell alone would have gotten me arrested. I didn't end up kicking his ass, but I SWEAR to the Universe that I will beat him to death if he spills another drink on me again!!! I guess I should have warned him I was already in a pissy mood.....

Earlier that day.......

See, when Turtle was born, Clark decided that it was time to get a little smaller vehicle what with Miss Thing not being able to keep that paci in her mouth, hating her car seat, and hating to go for a ride. I can tell you it was no small feat for me to reach to get the paci back in her mouth because the damn seats in our S*dona were so far back, even when we pulled them all the way up it was a stretch for my short little ass. So we traded it in for a M*zda5, which is considered a MicroVan, funny I know, it really is bigger then a car, but smaller then a MiniVan, and I LOVE it. However, this thing is BRAND NEW people, less then 3,000 miles, and it has been to the shop twice already. Once about 2 weeks ago because it over heated, bad thermostat, ok shit happens right?? Well, Clark went to put gas in the van for me before I left to go to the concert Saturday, and the gas cap would not come off, at all. He tried everything short of ripping it to pieces and nothing. It was not coming off. He comes home just cussing, calls the dealer, they tell him to have me bring it up, and they will give me a car for the weekend. Well, ok fine. I get on the road, and get about halfway there when I look down and see that the gas gage is on EMPTY. The FUEL LIGHT is ON. I still have like 35 miles to go to get to the dealership. I called Clark and cussed him out. I told him that if I ran out of gas and ended up on the side of the road then I was going to seriously have to rethink letting him live. My stomach was so freaking up in my throat I almost choked on it!! I even shut the AC off in 95 degree heat just to save what little gas I could!! I swear by the time I got to the dealer there couldn't have been enough fumes in that tank to get high off of!! I made it though, got the loaner car, and headed off to the concert. Huge sigh of relief. I even decided to let Clark live.

Kent is out of school, and even though I haven't seen a report card yet I will assume he passed. He really hurt Clark on Sunday though as he continued his selfishness from Mother's Day, by not only NOT getting his dad anything, but not even saying Happy Father's Day to him. When I confronted him about it that evening, he told me that he did know what day it was. I then told him that I hadn't bailed him out this year, and he had the nerve to look at me and say "When have you ever??" Uh let me see... Every since you have been living with us SMARTASS. I mean I know he is 16 and all, but is it to much to ask for that boy to recognize that Clark is the reason he has all the shit that he has, including a roof over his head?? I guess I will never understand how he can not feel bad. He didn't even make Clark a card. NOTHING. I am so upset about the whole thing. I just don't get it really. I keep thinking that we have given this child our all just to have him stomp on us. The funny thing is, that someone asked me if I think he is doing it because he is adopted, and I said no, I hear the same thing from parents of teens all the time. These kids now a days think we OWE them something, and I have told Kent time and time again that I don't owe him a damn thing. I swear I don't know what is with kids these days, but I can tell you that if I said half of the shit they do, I would have been missing all of my teeth!!! UGH, I just wish that he would at least pretend to care. What do you think??

Well, it sounds like Turtle is starting to stir, wooo hooo 45 minutes of napping!! She hates napping in her crib, but it has got to be done. She was so tired today she all but cried herself to sleep!!! I know, mean damn mommy!!!!!! Hugs everyone!!

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Samantha said...

Thanks for the shout out!

I'm sorry everything is feeling so overwhelming right now. Car problems, Kent's behavior, being sick - blech! I hope that things will feel better for you soon.