October 24, 2006

Not Much Going On......

Well, not much is going on here. We had a quiet weekend just the 3 of us. Clark had Jury Duty on Monday so he got most of the day off. I had to go out to get some stuff taken care of, and remember why I moved to the country!!! The traffic up there is horrible!!! Those people cannot drive. I had to go to DSS to turn in some paperwork for our adoption subsidy, and while I was there I talked to our old worker. Then it was home and that took forever!!

The BCP's are killing me, I am so tired, and sick to my stomach all freaking day long, that it is getting old really fast!! Another thing I am concerned about it the schedual for this IVF. I printed out some blank calanders for Oct., Nov., and Dec. and if I go the full 28 day cycle, I will not be able to retrieve before they close the lab for the end of the year, not to mention that my transfer will be on Christmas Day. So I am hoping like hell that I don't take the full 28 days on this pack of pills so that this schedual will be a few days sooner then I have it right now. This is really driving me nutso!!! The one thing that has been helping is that I have stuck with seeing my therapist every week, and even though she might not know how I feel, she really gets me to talk about things and see them in a constructive way.

I am still working desperiatly on trying to quit smoking, and if I can't do it by the 2nd then I am going to either see a hypnotist, or ask the doc for some Zyban, cuz I hear that works good... but hey maybe the hypnotist will help with the stress of this IVF to... never know....

Oh well, I am off to bed, I have a quiet cleaning day planned for tomorrow, so no driving or stress for me!! LOL!! Goodnight.

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