October 21, 2006

Just call me Murphy!!!

Well I woke up yesterday to one of the worst AF's ever!! So I go up to the Clinic, and ended up waiting over an hour, in which I worked on my journal. When the RE finally came in, she asked me what I was trying to do to her??!! LOL, I told her she was the one that put me on the Lupron. She had been out of town, and was reviewing the charts Thursday night for the next day when she saw my E2 level she said the first thought that she had was that it was a great number for a viable pregnancy and that she thought maybe I snuck one in there before we started the Lupron (not possible at all due to my tubes) and then she saw that Beta was Neg, so she was very worried. My E2 was 1700, so all those cysts/follies were cysts, and there wouldn't have been any eggs to retrieve. That is why they didn't call me back. She said that they call what happened a Lupron Flare, and that it is Very Rare, and usually never seen with PCOS patients, color me special!! She did another U/S and 2 of the cysts had ruptured, hence all my pain. My ovaries were still "kissing, but she said they had shrunk since Monday, so that was good. She said she was sorry that all this had happened, but she really didn't think that I would pull this on her!! So, I started BCP's yesterday, wait for AF, start a new pack, and then on day 21 of the pills we will add back the Luporn and pray for the best. So, if all goes well, I should be doing an actual ret. sometime mid December.

So that was my day... UGH I am so tired of this, and just want to sleep through the next month and a half!! At least I have Clark and Kent to distract me!! We picked Kent up from his school dance tonight, and then went out to eat at our favorite spot. I got sick as a dog, and after we came home I still was pretty ill. I am not sure if it is just nerves, or the Tylenol-3 the RE gave me for pain, but I spent half the night hung over the toilet heaving so hard I popped a rib... ugh now that is a whole new kind of pain let me tell you!!! I also think I blew another cyst this morning, that freaking hurt to!!! Good lord I feel like I am falling apart at the seams!!!! I guess this is the crap we do to ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams!! Oh well, til next time!!!

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