March 3, 2010

I have a Hater!!!!

He He.......

I have always wanted me ones of those Haters, and I finally got me one!!!

Anon FuckTard from a few posts ago came slumming again. Apparently someone has a real hard on for me... and you know being a woman and all, I LOVE hard on's!!! (even though they can't well you know, knock me up!)

Apparently I am now dumb, as this little person uses a proxy to hide their online jackass trolling identity. Don't you just feel special that you have to do that?? Or even more special that you know how?? You may have gotten me on the proxy thing, maybe not, but what does it say about you that you do it in the first place?? Real Mature!!

I do suck at some things, so touche on that one smarty pants!! I have one thing that I suck at amazingly.... Unfortunately you will never get the opportunity to find out what it is! :o)

Don't you have anything better then I am dumb and I suck, because to be honest with you my 18 year old tosses better insults then you do! Come on now, get a little more creative for my sake, because I love to hear just what YOU think about me... seeing as how you know me IRL and all... got me all figured out don't ya??!!

I think that you came back and saw all the comments that were left actually supporting me, and it got your little ire up didn't it?? Poor baby, I guess you thought that people might actually agree with you.... not likely. See some people get it, you know that being a parent is full of struggles, and the fact that sometimes you have to do things that you didn't think you would ever have to, to help your children.

While my life is full of things that I wish I could change, this is not one of them. My son is where he needs to be, and I will continue to fight the battle to keep him pointed in the right direction.

I did notice that you had nothing to say about the actual substance of my response to you.... could it be because I am right, and that you haven't walked in my shoes?? You know the ones that have adopted and raised a special needs child, only to watch him fall apart right in front of your eyes?

The ones I was wearing the day I left him at the hospital, and cried most of the way home. Not tears of Guilt, but of relief because I knew that he was finally going to get the help I had been fighting to get him for years??

The shoes I put on every morning when I get up so that I can continue to be strong for him, and my daughter. I don't think that you could wear them because frankly they would swallow your whole body in just one heel.

So, do me a favor and get over yourself, just because you think that your parents were horrible, not saying they weren't, not everyone who has to do what I have is a bad parent, and until you understand that, you will remain bitter and angry, and frankly that isn't good for your soul, not to mention your blood pressure.


Tracey... said...

I like the "my shoes would swallow you hole" part!!!! It seems that we all get a HATER eventually...Now I SEND THEM TO DELETE AND WON'T EVEN READ THEM! I hope this person stops soon.

Kristin said...

Go Erica Go!..and remind me to never piss you off!

libby @ ninesandquines said...

this is why we love you!!!! xoxoxo

kimbosue said...

You go, mamma!

Definitely a fucktard...

Anonymous said...

"seeing as how you know me IRL and all... got me all figured out don't ya??!!"

You're proving your retard status. I never claimed to "know you IRL". I could give less of a shit about you. I think you're a whiney, self-centered bitch of a mother who pushes her son off on society rather than taking care of the issues like a real mom would.

Least I didn't have to pay to get knocked up with my kids. You may want to invest in a grammar/spell check rather than any more kids so that it will catch your fuck ups rather than creating more.

LJ said...

I am clapping loudly for you. You said to your troll what I dream of saying to mine.

Michelle said...

Omg.. That last comment from Anon is uncalled for. And I'm confused, if she/he says "I could give less of a shit about you." then why comment? Why keep commenting?
Good for you for standing up for yourself. This is Your space to write down Your feeling and not to be harassed by someone hiding behind the Anonymous name.