December 18, 2008

Eleven Months

Wow, hard to believe I am writing this already.

Eleven months yesterday.

I couldn't write yesterday, I spent more time with Turtle, and being weepy.

I am trying to hold on to the past 11 months. Reliving it all in my sleep everynight.

Wow. I just blinked and she was born.

This was her last night eating Chicken and Dumplings... She Loved them, and I have started to let go and let her make messes with her food... Hey I came to accept that we all had to learn how to eat!!! I have some control issues!!! :o)


Soxy Deb said...

Well good for you cause that's the perfect age to let her at it! She looks like she enjoys studying, eating and wearing her chicken dumplings. That's usually how I look when I eat them too, but I never got my bowl. I thought you expedited it?

Aunt Becky said...

That looks just like Alex when he eats! Minus the earrings, of course. He's not THAT metrosexual despite the multitude of pink binkies he used.

Susan said...

Experiment: refill her bowl and see if she'll share cuz chicken and dumplings sound REALLY good right now.

She's beautiful, Rebel!

deanna said...

That's such a great picture, and even covered in her food, there's just something really beautiful about it. =)

Just Me. said...

Awwww....what a cutie pie!!!!!!

Lost in Space said...

She is just too cute, Rebel. I'm glad you are savoring every minute.

poison ivy said...

Great pic!
You can tell just how much fun a kid is having by how dirty his/her clothes are!

Kibbles said...

Love those eyelashes!
And that!
She is adorable :)

Anonymous said...

she is delicious!